The magical pen and the BULLIES!

The magical pen and the BULLIES!

The magical pen and the BULLIES!

His mother was getting fed up. Everyday poor David returned crying and complaining that the seniors bullied him a lot. The bullies were getting worse day by day.

His mother went to console him "dear do not get scared by the bullies, why don't you complain to your teacher?" David replied "but the bullies will hurt me". His mother’s heart broke. She thought of a way to stop this bullying. She told him "look here honey I will give you this magical pen, it will know when the bullies bully you.

This pen will note it down and give it to God.  After a week if you overcome the bullies, god will make the bullies disappear, but only if you stay strong and do not let the bullies bully you, will they go away!!! understood?"

David was so fascinated that he drank everything in. The next day, he saw the bullies waiting for him, but with all his courage, walked past them, without wishing them (which was the rule of the bullies).

They got so angry that they charged at David, but he ran to the teacher and complained. After that the teacher took care of the bullies, David was so overwhelmed with the courage he had within him, he was on "cloud 9" when he got home. The same routine went on everyday, but the trouble with the bullies kept reducing because they knew David would not stand being bullied. On the last day of the week, David came home with a smile on his face.

A smile he hadn’t shown for years since he joined the school. Mother wasn't surprised to see his face, she understood her trick had worked. Well kids don’t stand being bullied. Go tell all your feelings to your elders or friends.  By defeating one bully, we can save millions of children.

Tara C Babu
VI ‘B’, ITI Central School.