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Today's letters

Tukaram Ombale- Jewel of India

While we observe the first anniversary of the 26/11 Bombay terrorist attack, it is highly pertinent to remember in particular the supreme sacrifice of Tukaram Ombale, the then ASI of Police, DB Marg Police Station in Bombay, that not only helped capture the dreaded terrorist Md Ajmal Kasab but most importantly, India and the world could nail Pakistan with clinching evidence of sponsoring terror attacks.

 On the dreadful night of 26/11, at Bombay’s Girgaum Chowpaptti when Kasab started firing indiscriminately from his AK-47, it was bare-handed Tukaram Ombale who obviously did not even have any bullet-proof jacket pounced on Kasab, held tightly the barrel of the gun and in the process took most of the bullets on his own chest.  Immediately Ombale’s colleagues pounced on the dreaded terrorist and pinned him down.

But for Tukaram Ombale’s supreme sacrifice, Kasab would have gone on a killing spree and not only would he have escaped, but most importantly, the state-sponsored terrorism of Pakistan would have continued unabated in India and elsewhere in the world.  Even though Tukaram Ombale was awarded Ashok Chakra, country’s highest peace-time gallantry award, he is verily the jewel of India who is responsible for drastically eclipsing Pakistan-sponsored terrorism-related activities in India and elsewhere in the world.  Govt. of India should definitely consider awarding Bharat Ratna to Tukaram Ombale postumously.

(In the above letter, kindly retain the name “Bombay” as we love this city and the name Bombay).

Prabhu Harle
Shivaji Road
Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore 560 051

Disappointed wives of 26/11 Martyrs

The ATS chief late Hemant Karkares wife Kavita met Sonia Gandhi and demanded for an early justice by hanging Ajmal Aamir Qasab, the killer of hundreds of innocent Indians in Mumbai on 26/11 last year.

On private news TV Channel the martyr of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack ATS Inspector late Vijay Salaskars wife Mrs. Smita Salaskar said on November 21 that she would die but her husbands terrorist killer Qasab will still survive. Similarly Afzal guru and Abu Salem will also survive till their natural death though they are the cause of merciless killings of several innocent Indians. The brave martyrdom of all our security forces, ATS officers, police forces, firemen and many other brave military and paramilitary forces since the past 30 years has gone in vain.

Shockingly, the government is still interested in the fruitless peace process with the most untrustworthy Pakistan, which hasby virtue of Kargil war and the anti-India proxy war killed thousands of the innocent Indians since the past three decades all over India. This is now unbearable and shocking. We wont light candles but a torch of genuine patriotism, which is no more in the hearts of any of our chair greedy netas from any political party, indiscriminately. They all try to divide us into Hindus, Muslims, Marathis, Non-Marathis and what not, just for a chair.

Has any one of them lost their husband, brother, father, son, wife, sister, mother or daughter? No, they havent. And that is why they dont understand aam aadmis and the martyrs relatives unlimited sorrow. Dont ask our brave security forces to destroy the terror outfits in Pakistan and PoK.  Unless the government becomes tough the aam aadmi will never be able to survive peacefully and India wont grow economically swiftly.

Geetanjali Nagar, Saibaba Mandir Road, Borivali (W),
MUMBAI 400092

On Liberhan Commission report Violation of secular democracy
This refers to the controversy on the Liberhan Commission report. The Babri Masjid demolition was the biggest and most shameless violation of secular democracy by the senior leaders of opposition at present. It is also strange that the commission doesn’t come up with a concrete solution buit the report has been leaked!

Purushottam Shrivastava
New Delhi

Waste of taxpayers’ money

The Liberhan report is a colossal waste of the tax payers money. One could write a report like this , with no evidence and vague conclusions sitting at home. This kind of Commission serves no purpose except giving lonf term employment to a retired judge.

There should be an enquiry into all such Commission reports. A few years ago there was the Jain Commission report on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. Even in that case the Judge prolonged it for many years . He was finally forced to give the report as the request for yet another extension was refused. After this report came out the Congress party ( then in opposition) stalled the functioning of the Parliament for an entire session because (ironically) the DMK had been indited in the report.

Today , of course DMK is the most trusted ally of the Congress, while the Jain Commission report which cost the taxpayer thousands of crores has been quietly buried. How many such reports are there which take many decades to be completed , waste the taxpayer's money , is used politically and then buried is the question that we would like to ask?

Anjali  Sreekumar,

More sound than substance

The Liberhan’s report was more of sound and fury than of any substance. It is unbelievable that a jurist of his stature does not consider it an impropriety to indict  some one in his report who was not called upon to depose before the commission and so could not defend himself. His critical comments on the role of the former Prime Minister Vajpayee seem to be an after thought, added in the report to please some one. He has taken pains to exonerate the Congress government at the Centre at the time of Babri demolition which every one knew was guilty of gross dereliction of its duty.

This gives rise to the doubt whether the whole report is a political exercise. It is amply clear that the report, which every one would agree is not one of the highlights of Justice Liberhan’s legal career, is fit to be consigned to the dust bin of history.

 “Rama Temple Road”,
Koramangala, Block 6,
Bengaluru 560 095

No action recommended

With reference to the justice Liberhan commission report, I would like to share my opinion with you. The Justice Liberhan report looks more like an advice to the ruling government then a report that is effective enough to punish the culprits involved in the Babri masjid demolition. Though it indicts top brass lleaders, officers and politicians that generally many of us know, it fails to recommend the action to be taken against these people, so what is the point in tabling the report.

I have a feeling that the government will have to set up another commission to explore ways to punish the culprits and before that commission gives a report, most of the masterminds will either be bed ridden or dead. To sum up " justice delayed is justice denied".

Asim Khan
8th main Marenhali
Jayanagar 9th Block
Bangalore 560041

Farcical report

Justice Liberham has done great injustice by taking 17 long years to produce such a farcical report.To mention the Muslim Rulers and their role in building India, just at attempt to fill pages.The 900 odd pages that has been written does not contain any thing worth reading.Those who appointed the Commission must be brought to justice.It has taken 17 long years,asked for 48 extensions,etc..and wasted the tax payers money.

Of what earthly use if a commission is appointed to go into the crimes committed by the British when they ruled India ? If a report cannot be produced in one year, then it is of no use appointing such wasteful commissions.

Apart from the benefits that the Congress Party has got from the Liberham Report,the only other individual to benefit is Justice Liberham himself.He received a sizable remuneration and all the perks for 17 long years ! The Parliament should not further waste time and money in discussing the report.If the parliament discusses the future of India and where it should go in the next 17 years,it would be better than wasting time on discussing what took place 17 years ago.

Palmprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 0167

No surprises

Seventeen years have not thrown up any surprises. That the premeditated demolition of the Babri Masjid was carried out under the direct orders of L.K.Advani and Company, who seem to be unaware that Ram Rajya is not about erecting temples to Rama, but all about Dharma, about ethics, morality and respect for other faiths.

This report too will go the way of other reports, into some dusty archive. Political expediency will ensure this. It speaks volumes about the Indian Judicial system that the perpetrators of such crimes continue to hold high political offices.

Mirle Karthik
West Park Road

Mouse out of a Mountain

The mountainous report by Justice Liberhan on Babri Masjid demolition produced after 17 years of labour is in sharp contrast to Justice Srikrishna report on Bombay riots, for its practical utility with much shorter labour. The justification given by Liberhan for the long labour is laughable; as a self respecting judge, he should have quit if he found that the Govt. was uncooperative.

Be that as it may, the only merit of the report is in nailing the duplicitous character of L.K Advani, who claimed that the day of Babri Masjid demolition was the saddest day of his life, was deeply involved in the plot. Remember he claimed similar innocence in the decision to send the then foreign minister, Jaswant Singh in Kandahar episode, and more recently, did not protest when Jaswant Singh was unceremoniously expelled from the party. Advani is an unrepentant liar.

Sowmya Springs, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore 560004.

Find amicable solution

Tabling of the Liberhan's committee report in the parliament and discussing at length will not only create heartburn among the various groups but will widen the communal divide further.   The whole exercise will be 'cure worse than disease.

The best thing at this hour is a soothing touch, all parties joining together and finding an amicable solution.   Let bygone be bygone.   Permit construction of SriRam temple.   Let Babri Masjid be recreated somewhere nearby.   Govt. may  even finance the project.   As Indians first, let us try to be together with peace and harmony.  This will pave way for a healthy and strong Nation.

Sinha B.N. (Retd LIC manager)
Rajan T.S. (Retd. Professor)

UPA Govt too failed

17 years - almost 1000 pages - Rs. 8 crores public money and the one man commission Mr. Liberhan created a history book on Babri Masjid demolition for the generation who were born after Dec. 6, 1992. Since the public memory is poor for some the report would serve as a replay.

The UPA Government in its Action Taken Report let down the country by not suggesting any action against the perpetrators of Masjid Demolotion. The Govt. lacked courage to act. The Liberhan report would now serve the politicians for their vote bank politics.

 It is true with the findings of the Commission the perpetrators cannot be brought to justice - but there is a failure on UP police & Govt. who have not acted on the FIR filed against them for the past 17 years.

K R Anandagopalan
Vinayaka Layout
Hebbal Kempapura
Bangalore 560 024.

 Babri report waste of time

This is with reference to Babri report indicts Advani, Vajpayee appearing in DH dated 25NOV09

Readers like me have pertinent questions flashing across our minds. Justice Liberhan inquiry Commission with 48 extensions during its 17 long years and spending around Rs 8cr of tax payer’s money now sounds futile. During its course of inquiry former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was never summoned but was indicted. It feels gratuitous.

Decades of long duration of the inquiry has lost its steam as the majority of the present generation would have felt sheer waste of time money and energy. Such Commissions have seen means to settle scores rather than taking action.
Commission reports are tabled in the media instead of in the Law governing Institutions.

Deepak Chikramane


It was extremely appalling to see the lack of basic facilities at the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation Games. The lack of preparedness for an International event like IWAS games has left an indelible mark of shame on Indian authorities hosting the event. It is perfectly understandable that more than 1200 athletes who gathered to participate in an international event of this stature were irate after seeing the basic amenities.

 It is indeed a disgrace for our country where people fail to look beyond cricket. We boast about hosting the Commonwealth games next year, but it remains to be seen how the officials involved would be able to organize an event that would be manifold in the magnitude.

Nishchaya Bahuguna

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