Watching the modes of destruction

Watching the modes of destruction

 mentor Joan P Mencher addressing the crowd."I am worried about the current food and agricultural situation. The use of more and more petrochemicals are leading to the destruction of the soil, which is a bad sign," said Joan.

Two films were screened on the opening day, the first one called The Story of Stuff talked about materialism. It had a narration by Annie Leonard, who has also written the script. She demonstrated the entire process of the production of commodities, namely extraction, production, distribution and disposal. She also spoke about how people are forced to get involved in this cycle because the developed nations are using up the resources of the developing countries, because of which they have to face harmful chemicals day in and day out.

She explained that women who are in the reproductive age and are exposed to chemicals like brominated flame retardants have chances of feeding their children the same through the breast milk. Annie also narrated how this problem has to be solved before it gets worse.

The other film, Fresh by Ana Sophia Joanes, dealt with innovative alternatives to industrial food production that have been perfected from ages.

The film spoke about how the American government fails the farmers by contaminating the soil, food and water. The film featured farmers who spoke about the measures they have taken towards reducing these problems and also growing crops without the use of pesticides.

After the films, Joan gave an enlightening talk on ways to conserve the environment and also how the people can do their bit to save the earth.

The other movies shown during the festival were Women and alternative visions for the future of food in India, The Power of Community: How Cuba survived peak oil, Thirst by Alan Snitow and Deborah Kauffman and Caminos-The immigrants Trail.

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