Nervous before release

Nervous before release

In anticipation

Nervous before release

Modern A scene from Gokula. The release of 2012, in more theatres across the City, seemed to have threatened the release of Prakash’s directorial venture Gokula.But soon, the issue was referred and settled with immediate effect by the KFCC. However, he was saddened by the callousness in Gandhinagar.

Many theatres, which were committed to the screening of Gokula, had backed out
because of 2012. On being asked whether there are any chances on 2012 taking away the thunder out of Gokula, he said, “There is no reason for me to feel threatened by 2012. The question of competition doesn’t arise here because while my film talks about life, 2012 talks about the end of life.”

Having delivered big hits like Rishi, Milana, Vamshi, Prakash said that nervousness was something he cannot escape from. “I am nervous only on the date of release but once that settles down I am ok,” he said.

Over the years, Prakash has also learnt to cope with expectations that are attached to him, “The break that I take between films, has helped me a lot. The ‘one movie in a year’ formula helps me relax and the expectations too die down,” he explained.
Many of his films star his cousin, Vijay Raghavendra. But Prakash felt that it was only a coincidence.

“One has to take into account that Vijay has justified every one of his roles. I have always chosen my heroes according to what the character demands, not the other way round.”  Woven around four orphans and an old couple, Gokula, is a subject Prakash has not dealt with before and the only thing he says the audience can look out for is a “good entertaining film”.

“I consider myself lucky because people have been supportive of my films and hopefully this time too they will enjoy it,” he added.