Floral art to enthral visitors at Lalbagh flower show

Floral art to enthral visitors at Lalbagh flower show

The event beginning today coincides with 50 years of Horticulture dept

Floral art to enthral visitors at Lalbagh flower show

The 199th flower show at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, which begins on Friday, is expected to enthrall visitors with fruits and vegetables in the form of floral art. 

Huge floral structures of pineapple, mango, banana, coconut, cashew apple and guava — and those of carrot and onion — would come up at the historical Glass House during the ten-day show, Dr D L Maheshwar, director of Horticulture, told reporters on Thursday. “These will depict the growth of horticulture in the State.” 

The event, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the department of Horticulture, is being organised under the aegis of Mysore Horticultural Society. 

The main attraction will be a vertical garden to be created by the department exclusively for the show. This apart, the Glass House will host different varieties of flowers for decorative purpose as well as for display. 

In all, 220 species of flowers and vegetables will be on display during the show. The flowers include Zerbaras, Coranatio, Anthurium, Bromiliares, Petunia, Coxcomb, Seleucia, Helichrysum, etc. 

Other attractions at the show will be mushrooms designed in flower. The department has also come up with a logo: an 18-foot tall and six-foot wide floral pillar made of various kinds of flowers, Maheshwar added. 

Various companies will take part in the show, displaying floral pots they have grown. The participants have been categorised into government departments, public sector undertakings, private homes and defence sectors. 

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, in the presence of Horticulture Minister Shamanur Shivashankarappa, will inaugurate the show on Friday. 

Replicas of flowers 

Replicas of the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii, and the insectivorous plant, Pitcher, will also be on display at the glass house. Maheshwar said the department intended to provide information about these rare and unusual flowers. Rafflesia arnoldii grows to a diameter of about one meter (three ft) and weighs up to 11 kg (24 lb). 

It lives as a parasite on the Tetrastigma vine which grows only in primary (undisturbed) rainforests. On the other hand, the Pitcher plant thrives on insects and smaller mammals. 

Facebook page 

The department will soon open a Facebook page to upload pictures and information about to the show and invite suggestions from the public to improve it. 
Parking curbs 

No vehicles will be allowed inside the Lalbagh. Visitors from the Double Road entrance should park vehicles at the multi-storey parking lot at Shanthinagar and those from the JC Road entrance should park vehicles at BBMP’s multi-storey parking lot on JC Road. Vehicles ferrying schoolchildren can be parked near the parking lot near the tower stone. 

Entry fee for children under 12 will be Rs 10 on normal days as well as on holidays. Adults will be charged Rs 40 on normal days and Rs 50 on holidays. 

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