Hazards of sulphur in sugar

Due to the sulphitation process in the manufacture of sugar, sulphur enters sugar during its refining process. The end product that we consume contains sulphur dioxide approximately to the extent of 20 to 70 ppm, depending on the process applied, as also condition of the plant and the techniques applied for the manufacture of sugar.

Health hazards

*   Irritation of respiratory tissues

*  Respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma

*  Difficulty in breathing 

*  Severe airway obstruction

*  Irritation of the upper respiratory tract 

*  Pneumonia Risks

*  Asthmatic patients are more usceptible to sulphur dioxide consumption. It can cause allergic reaction to asthmatic patients."

*  Sulphur dioxide on consumption coming in contact with water forms sulphurous acid which inhibits muconcilary transport.

*   Bisulphite ion produced when sulphur dioxide reacts with water is likely to be the main initiator broncho-constriction.

*  Excess intake of sulphur dioxide may cause sneezing, sore throat, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and suffocation.

As much as possible, people must ensure that they consume sulphur-free sugar, else it could lead to severe health problems in the long run.

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