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Parva 2014’, the annual day of the Surana Independent PU College, was held on the campus, recently.

The PU students were excited to the core as the day’s activities started. The different events that were held on the stage included dance sequences, of which some were film based dances and other western dances; singing and two fashion shows. The joy on the students’ faces, both participants and audience members, could be easily understood.

Most students were excited that they got a chance to explore their talents on stage and enjoy their last year of PU college life with this annual affair. Sushma Shekhar, a second-year PU student, said that the day was one of the most memorable days of her life. “I danced on a Kannada song ‘Tara Tara’ from the film ‘Kempegowda’ and it was a wonderful experience. I also did a dance on ‘1234...’, a song from ‘Chennai Express’, and Gandi baat from ‘R... Rajkumar’. I had danced in events earlier also, but since this was the last time in my pre-university days, I was also a bit nostalgic,” said Sushma.
Sahana Narasimha, a second-year student said that the teachers were impressed by the show that they had put up. “I was a part of the fashion show, and we wore western wear. It was a hard task co-ordinating the whole thing, but we had a senior who helped us out,” she said.

Saurav K, who did a hip-hop dance at the event, said that the students did their best at the annual day. “We put in our best effort in the different activities. It is our last year and we tried to enjoy ourselves to the core,” he shared.

“This year’s programme offered a lot of variety,” said Divya Prasanna, who sang the inaugural song Yakundendu Thushara Hara. Divya who also won the award for being an outstanding student said that she felt proud that her work was recognised. “It feels good to be appreciated,” she commented.

Many students agreed that the annual day programme was a learning experience. Vinay Janardhan, a second PU student, who was involved in a couple of dances and was a member of the cultural committee, said that it was a hard balancing act. “When we were at ‘Parva’ last year, we didn’t know that the programme required such hard work and coordination. I got to learn so much more about organising things and building up confidence among other students,” shared Vinay.

The students joined in unison to say that they couldn’t have pulled the show together without the support of the teachers and the management. Rahul S, the cultural committee head, said that it was a challenging experience to audition for the different events. “Everyone was so equally talented and it was a hard task identifying the best of the lot,” he wrapped up.

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