An indecent proposal

Love You Bangaram
Telugu (A) ¬
Director: Govi
Cast: Rahul, Sravya, Vallabh, Bhargavi, Mahith Narayan

Don’t be misled by the tantalising title. It’s just a clever ploy to lure lovebirds to theatres.

Once in, they are in for a rude shock, nowhere to hide one’s discomfiture at disdainful happenings. Instead of time-pass romance, what Love You Bangaram offers is vulgarity in most distasteful form brimming with double entendre dialogues, crass jokes and oodles of skin show.

That director Govi has purblind sense of IT professionals is hard to digest. According to him, come weekends, they are into pub hopping, beer bingeing and indulging in promiscuous acts, lacking in morals and social values. As a character says “life is too short, so just live and let live. Chill out.”

Coming to the meat of the misadventure Govi foists, you have Akash, an insecure and innocent assistant manager in Celkon Mobiles, whose sense of inferiority gets the better of him. Into his life sashays Meenakshi, bubbly and beautiful, cool lass with loads of cheery confidence. With parents, on either side of political fence, lovebirds have no option but elope and wed. With promotion, man and wife move from Visakhapatnam to tech capital Hyderabad.

A year into marriage, Meenakshi wishes to break the monotony and gets herself into a tech firm. From then on begins mistrust in marital life. For Akash believes his wife is having it on the sly. Conveniently, Govi incorporates scenes to suggest so. Where does this all end? Do the couple reconcile? Why is Meenakshi up to her dirty tricks? Well, it’s better not to seek answers since Love You is an outing you will regret you trooped into. The film simply sucks. Stay clear.

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