Today's letters

Today's letters

Special laws for law breakers

Sir, The lady who taped the indecent conversations of a the police inspector and complained to the Commissioner of Police must be congratulated and 'honoured' for her bravery and presence of mind.

While not all those who are 'khakhi' are indecent and comtemptuous, most of them are. Lately, we also find that some policemen have resorted to robbery, thefts and extortions. Policemen are expected to uphold law and to protect people from law breakers, if they themselves start harassing the people, then there should be special laws to deal with such 'law breakers'.

The case of the police inspector seeking 'love' from a lady complainant is just the tip of an ice berg. This goes on at every level in the police department frequently. Not all women have the guts and courage like the lady who taped the 'love conversations' of the inspector. The economically backward women do not have access to such gadgets to either tape such advances nor they have the courage to resist such indecent advances by the policemen.

The only alternative they have is to 'give in'. It is therefore the domain of several women's welfare agencies, the stree shakthi samaajs, etc.... to begin a movement where women at all levels must be educated and informed of the need to protect themselves from exploitations/extortions from policemen/etc and the avenues that exist to take corrective measures. This will be the greatest service such agencies can do to WOMENKIND.


Learn from Karzai

Karzai during his inaugural of his second Presidency in Afghanistan spoke in his mother tongue, the local Afghan language. This is a lesson for us Indians who at the highest level of the Indian State and its government hasten to speak in English forsaking our native languages. Like they say you can take the British out of India but not out of Indian minds. We continue to show our colonial servitude by the continued usage of English. Not only that  our IT industry takes pride that its very existence is dependent on its knowledge of English to do the jobs that the West does not want to do.

In colonial times we had the British ship coolies out to the West Indies and South East Asia to work on the sugar and rubber plantations. Since Independence, we have now our IT industry volunteering to be cyber coolies since the payments is in greenbacks, Uncle Sam’s dollars.

S Kamat
Bardez Goa

‘Broken windows’

The New York Police Dept (NYPD) pioneered the 'Broken window' concept. A simplistic view of the theory is that a society apathetic to broken windows in the neighborhood (the result of petty crimes) is primed for more serious crime.The results of their drive to clean from the bottom-up is there for all to see.

Today, witnessing the authorities' reaction to attacks on the media and individuals (verbally or physically) leaves a similar taste.If little or no action is taken, then it sets the stage for further rot to set in.Such a vicious cycle should not be encouraged and we dont really need the NYPD to realise that.

'Avian' Sharath Nair

Tsunami warning through the star position

I observed during the 2005 tsunami, constellation of stars around the Saptarishi mandalam (Seven Stars in a trapezoid formation of stars) before the episode. It was sent to the notice of everybody in government  including press after the tsunami and was highlighted in local press as an article. Tonight, while I was watching the sky, I believe the same constellation is formed once again and I think there is a possibility that a natural calamity like tsunami will occur in a month's time due to the forces out of this constellation towards earth anywhere in the world.

To arrive at a scientific conclusion, the constellation during that time (2005) and now if compared, which is possible only at the concerned govt department, will help to prevent unwanted damage to the properties and heavy human causalities.  

This , I am doing  with good intention with a bend of scientific mind only for scientific proof ,since I am also working on scientific works in Medicine as a Physician. I do not want to take a risk  by not reporting my observation  to appropriate authorities and so I am trying to highlight the point at the earliest for the benefit of humanity at large.

This is not warning or threat. It is up to you to act according to your judgment of the given data. If you need more details please contactl me.

Dr.S.Shanmugam, M.D

Help, please!

I am an autodriver, hailing from an economically backward family. My 15 year old son, Master Nawaj has been diagnosed to be suffering from 'Large Permimebranous VSD' and needs to undergo open heart surgery during the next 10 days.

He has been admitted to Narayana Hrudayalaya that has offered to treat him under a concessional package, for which the total cost is Rs 1 lakh (Open Heart Surgery Rs 95,000 and Pre-Operative Profile Rs 5,000), which my family cannot afford.

I request generous readers to contribute to the operation and oblige. Please send crossed cheques to Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bommanahalli Industrial Area, Hosur Road,  A/c No 20012020809, State Bank of India, Jayanagar 4T Block.

F Mahboob Pasha

Arrogant attitude

The reported removal of Chief Minister's photo from the office of the Rural Development and Panchayithi Raj Minister Jagadish Shettar,  shows the arrogancy of the BJP Ministers in Karnataka. Irrespective of whether one likes or dislikes the other person, decency and human coutesy warrants respecting the chair he occupies.
 This is particularly so when one holds a public office.  Whatever be one's background,  in public it is necessary he conducts himself in a civilised and decent manner.

In Democracy  rise and fall of an individual is inevitable depending on the political fortunes and equations with other leaders.  It is said, in politics there are no permanent friends or foes. Who knows the current situation may take a totally different turn and Yeddy may prove more powerful than now!  People of Karnataka gave BJP an opportunity to govern thinking the party as disciplined one  but they have proved otherwise.

M R G Murthy

Clean Currency

It is heartening to note RBI Educating people against scribbling on currency notes by putting up notices in banks.  It is sad to note that the same bank cashiers scribble on currency notes and it is disgusting to see Railway Ticket booking clerks at Cantonment station scribbling on practically every currency note collected.
Action should be initiated against such violators.

 J. George.

Urgent need

We see extremely shameful political shenanigans every day in some part of the country or the other  which makes a vast majority of citizens hang down their heads in shame. There is an urgent need for a sustained long term project to educate the electorate on whom they cast their votes for.

This needs to be done in the national interest lest posterity i.e., our children and grand children curse us for irresponsibility and an utter lack of intelligence in voting better people to represent us in parliament and state legislatures.  

The political scenario is virtually monopolized by  less than the best representatives of the people. It is high time a good NGO under the leadership of genuinely worthy and committed people, mobilize public opinion in this respect through a long term sustained All India mass education drive, so as to make an impact on governance in India, they should make their presence felt at every gram panchayath and higher election. I hope mass media barons make available their columns for this purpose in widen the reach of such a project. I am sure that necessary funds will flow in from the general public to keep such a project going for the next ten or twenty years.

P. Shankar

Underpass in Rajajinagar needed

The petition submitted by Samarpana, a cultural and social service organisation to the HC , as reported in DH dated 26-11-2009 ,to get work on the proposed underpass at the 10th. Cross / Rajakumar Road Junction in Rajajinagar I st. Block given up is very surprising.

To avoid the Traffic Signal  at the Junction and commute fast, many vehicles take a diversion via the  7th. Cross Road which interconnects WOC Road & Rajakumar Road. 7 th. Cross is a purely residential area and the residents are finding it increasingly difficult even to walk on the road, particularly during the peak hours due to the huge volume of traffic on the road.

Further, the noise pollution due to the huge traffic is posing serious problem to the residents. The matter has been taken up with the Traffic Police . When BBMP announced the construction of the Underpass, the residents heaved a sigh of relief but is is very surprising that Samarpana has filed a petition  for stopping the construction in  the HC without going deep into the matter , perhaps to make their existence felt. The Underpass is very esential to ensure  hastle free flow of traffic on the 10 th. Cross taking into consideration increase in traffic  density in the days and years to come and to make the 7 th. Cross safe for the residents of the area.

Bangalore-560 010      

Callous attitude

This refers to report given by DHNS on 26thNov regarding the haphazard way of conducting the International Wheelchair and Amputees Sports Federation's World Games 2009 in Bangalore. Missing sports equipments,callous handling of training areas by local sports commitees and officials is very demoralising to the physically challenged atheletes.When these things were brought to the notice of the president of the commitee he threw up his hands in despair which is not a solution to the problem.

When Jan Bockweg, games Technical Manager IWAS  blamed himself for not coming in advance to check the last minute arrangements how can our own officials taking it so lightly?

When the president of the paralympic commitee was questioned for not preparing the training area in advance he put the blame on youth services and the Govt. Of Karnataka. How can the atheletes train who are here since 21st November with this kind of infraustructure? Normal atheletes can practice anywhere. But the enthusistic physically challenged atheletes cannot sit and wait until the ground and the equipments are ready. Our officials who are not sportsmen themselves don't understand the feelings and urgency of the genuine atheletes.

 This kind of slackness is very common whenever they conduct any national event in almost every field whether cultural,or sports. Only political meetings are conducted well in advance. It is high time the Govt. looked into this and appointed expert authorities with technical knowledge and time sense!


Ashamed at IWAS

I was ashamed to be an Indian and a Bangalorean at the opening ceremony of the IWAS .The organisers had no consideration whatsoever for the participating athletes ...the appalling lack of facilities you have already reported in your paper today .Apart from that the participants were kept standing awaiting the start of the function for almost an hour .Of these athletes some were on crutches other were walking with some  support.

The organisers seemed more interested in  patting themselves on the back than looking after the comfort of the participants .The announcers and some of the people on the mike were putting on  totally fake accents.. as if this was going to impress the foreign athletes and the funny part was that they were butchering english and making a fool of themselves .A very poor show and a sad state of affairs as it reflects on Bangalore and India

Vinita Gill