'Equal opportunities for all children must'

'Equal opportunities for all children must'

Healthy Baby contest held and Best Baby award given

'Equal opportunities for all children must'

He was speaking after inaugurating the healthy baby competition jointly organised by Rotary Club and Navaratna Nursing home, P C extension in the City on Sunday.
“Children are of two kinds. One category is those who get all opportunities even at the mother’s womb and the other category is those who are deprived of all facilities. Such deprived children need support from organisations.”

“Equal health, education, freedom is not available to all children. Every year 70 out of 1000 children die in India on various reasons. Around 98 children die before the age of 5. In India about 22 lakh people suffer from brain related problems and 66 lakh partially mentally retarded live. There are 10 crore child labourers in India. All these figures are a great cause for concern,” he said.

Second Additional district and sessions judge Manjula said “ all children should have birth certificate. All facilities provided by the law should be properly utilised and irrespective of gender, all children should be treated equally and the practice of small family should be followed”.

Rotary president Venkatesh said all children within 12 years of age who are suffering from Cardiac problems will be provided free medicine and surgery”.
Ratnamma from Navaratna Nursinghome delivered  the introductory  address on the ocassion.

Best Baby

The Best Baby award was won by 10 month old Dhatri.
The other children who won prizes are:
Below one year - Nayankumar (first), Lakshmi (second), Sai Dhanush (third).
Below two years - Arthik (first), Priyanka (second), Ananya (third).
Below 3 years - Preksha (first), Ullas (second) and Harsha (third)