Students protest against new fee structure

Students protest against new fee structure

Students protest against new fee structure

The protests being staged by students of Yuvarajas College, against the new fee structure of the State government for students of backward classes, took a dramatic turn of events, here on Monday.

A few of the students, who were protesting under the aegis of All India Democratic Youth Organisation (AIDYO) and All India Democratic Students Organisation (AIDSO), were arrested by the police in the campus, and were later released as students gheraoed the police vehicle inside the campus.

Students had been staging a protest from the past five days, against the decision made by Yuvaraja’s College, which required students from backward communities to compulsorily pay the full fees, which were to be re-imbursed by the end of academic year. The protesters had alleged that the recent guidelines were relaxed in several colleges in the city, apart from Yuvaraja’s, which had instructed to pay the required fees.

According to a release by Basavaraju, district convenor of AIDSO, principal of the college, Prof Nanje Gowda had withheld distribution of marks card for the said students, if they did not pay the fees. 

Following an altercation between students and the principal, the principal summoned the police, resulting in a high drama at the College premises. Though the students claimed that the College authorities have relaxed norms following protests, a release by principal indicated otherwise.
Concession via DBT

The release said that decision to implement the new State government guidelines, regarding concession and reimbursement of fees was taken by the University and is being implemented in various colleges.

As per the recent government order, following the full payment of fees by students from backward communities, the fee will be remitted to the bank account of students under Direct Benefit Transfer scheme.