Emerging trends in business

Emerging trends in business

Vedetta 2014, the recently concluded annual management fest of Jyoti Nivas College Post-Graduate Centre, turned out to be a huge success.

With nine different City-based colleges like Silicon City College, JSS College and Christ University participating, the two-day fest offered something for everybody!
Sr Lalitha, director of the college, addressed the students and spoke about the importance of team spirit in modern life. Citing the concept of Ubuntu in the African culture, which means, ‘I am because we are’, she said that group success
is more important than individual success.

Under the banner of ‘Spark’, events like ‘Business Plan’, ‘Press Meet’, ‘Picture Connect, ‘HR’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Best Manager’ etc were held by the MBA students.

On the other hand, the MFA students carried out financial events like ‘Financial Quiz’, ‘Stock Exchange’, ‘Turnaround Strategies’ and ‘Corporate Governance’ under the banner of ‘Lumiere’.

One of the most important events was ‘Paper Presentation’, held on the second day of the fest. Relevant topics like ‘Solid waste management in KR Puram’ and ‘One currency, one world’ were studied in detail and the competition, organised by the Young Scholar Forum, saw several colleges take keen interest.

Vedetta 2014 provided a great opportunity to students of different colleges to exchange ideas and share their knowledge about finance and management while learning about new emerging trends in their respective fields.

Amanda Rodricues, who organised the fest, said that she learnt a lot while on the job.
“It was a good exposure for the students because we had to do everything on our own – from inviting colleges to participate to convincing sponsors to fund the fest.
It was difficult to coordinate initially because our seniors ran the show last year. But
it was fun to tackle problems along the way and meet our targets in the end,” she said, adding that they restricted the cultural events to the opening and closing

The team from Christ University emerged as the overall winner of the fest.