Spotlight is on chic cuffs

Spotlight is on chic cuffs

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With hair combed back into a carefree bun, highlighting her facial features with chaand baalis as the only adornments, Deepika Padukone’s Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela avatar created a huge demand for chaand baalis.

Well, it was the season to go all out traditional with heavy chandelier earrings and chaand baalis. But Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor seem to have given a new reason to youngsters to hit the market when they appeared in raised hairdos, with an ultra-smokey look, sporting the trendy spiked and feather-like ear cuffs. Metrolife
gauges the noise these ear cuffs have created amongst the fashionistas.

 “The outfit is chosen for the cuff as opposed to the other way round,” reveals designer Karn Malhotra. Adding that these cuffs are a quick sell and very trendy at that, Karn says, “Ear cuffs have been around for a while, however time and again they are modified and re-modified. For instance, the peacock ear cuff has been doing the rounds for years now in the traditional circle with a little jhumka or drop, but now we have more edgy and funky designs to match any ensemble.”

Suggesting a range of motifs, Prakshi Sharma, jewellery designer, RK Jewellers says, “The henna, animal, floral and spiky motifs are the trend these days. They are punk-inspired and edgy in style. The best motif would be the henna designs as they go with all types of attire and seem like a mixed blend of tradition in modernised form.”
“Motifs like mermaid, fish, seahorse, chameleon, are the wide variety of motifs that can be paired up with your dress depending upon how bold you want the look to appear,” says designer Alpana Gujral. 

Contrasting the look with the choice of cuff, Karn elaborates, “For a traditional look you could opt for the simple cuffs with jhumkas or little drops; if you have a plain outfit you could go crazier with birds, flowers or even jadaoo ear cuffs. As for the western looks, I personally like the one-sided ear cuff, spikes, studs, chains, little.” However, he offer a word of caution. “ One thing I would bear in mind however is, if the ear cuff is chunky and elaborate the outfit should be plain and if the outfit is grand then the cuff should be simpler.”