Focus on Sonam's bikini scene in film disappointing: Director

Focus on Sonam's bikini scene in film disappointing: Director

Focus on Sonam's bikini scene in film disappointing: Director

Director Nupur Asthana says she feels disappointed that people are only talking about actress Sonam Kapoor wearing a bikini in her upcoming film 'Bewakoofiyaan'.

Sonam, 28, has worn a bikini on-screen for the first time in 'Bewakoofiyaan' and it has become the talk of the town.

Around two years back, Sonam had said that she would never wear a bikini as she does not have a perfect body to carry it off.

"It is disappointing that people are talking about it (bikini scene) only...the focus is on that. There are other things too in the promo to look for. I am sure when people will see the film they will understand the relevance of it (bikini scene) and get to see a lovely film," Nupur told PTI.

Nupur insists the 'bikini and kissing' shot has not been added to merely grab eyeballs.

"For the lovers who are dating for two years or so, it is natural to get close. As for the bikini scene, the couple, along with their friends goes to a resort so it is obvious for her (Sonam) to wear it," she said.

"We are showing a real girl and not a supermodel wearing a bikini. It is there just for seconds in a film," she added.

This is the second directorial venture of Nupur after 'Mujhse Fraandship Karoge' (2011). She is excited as well as anxious for Sonam and Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Bewakoofiyaan'.

"The story was written by Habib Faisal and I just loved the idea of a love story in times of recession. It is something not attempted earlier. We did make certain changes to the storyline to make it more entertaining for the audience," Nupur said.

Nupur said the thought of this unusual pairing of Sonam and Ayushmann was always there. She is glad that she got the approval from both the actors for this film.

"It was relatively easy to get them (Sonam and Ayushmann) on board for this film. Both understood the plot well and their characters. The film has a story which is relatable not only for lovers, but their families as well," she added.

The film produced by Yash Raj Films releases on March 14.