God wishes you the way you wish for others

God wishes you the way you wish for others

Good wishes are something people extravagantly exchange with one another throughout their life. However, these good wishes are of two kinds.

The first type is those shallow ones, which are totally shorn of sincerity.Though the lips spout out things like “Wish you all the best”, “May your dreams come true”, and so on, the inner heart doesn’t mean it. These wishes are more like trading of fake pleasantries, using superfluous verbiage.

The second kind of good wishes are the genuine ones, which are of pure quality. These wishes are conveyed from the core of the heart by the bona fide well-wishers.

Apparently, some of these wishes come true, too, owing to the sublime sincerity embedded in those words. Not just that. When we honestly wish good for others, the Lord sees to it the same good is liberally returned to us, particularly in times of need.The below instance endorses this strong conviction.

A friend of mine has this peculiar habit of closing her eyes and praying to the Lord, whenever she happens to spot a zooming hospital ambulance. It seems, she prays to God for the protection of the person in the painful state inside the ambulance.

Recently, when she was driving her car, something went awry at the steering wheel, resulting in her losing control over the vehicle which rammed against an electricity pole. The impact was so enormous that she was hurled out of the front windshield, to be flung on the car bonnet, amidst splintered glass shards. With deep contusions near the forehead, she lay motionless for sometime.

People who thronged around were initially sceptical to help her for the fear of being embroiled in unnecessary hassles. But later, when they saw her showing signs of life, they instantly rushed her to the nearby hospital by an ambulance.

When I met her just two days after the incident, she was bustling about, with all vim and verve at her place, in her usual high-octane energy. Especially after a major accident, wherein a person could have lost a limb. Except for a few stitches near her forehead, she was absolutely in fine fettle. It was all owing to the fact that the ambulance carrying her had reached the hospital on time to save her life.

This was indeed a miraculous survival, which had given her a new lease of life. Maybe the Lord used to hear her vehement selfless prayers for people in physical distress. So, when she was stuck in the swamp of a similar situation, obviously, she was safely pulled out by the hands of the Supreme Being. Apparently, God wishes one, the way one wishes for others.

Well, in the same way, without any concrete reason, even when we are spewing bad wishes against someone, just out of baseless hatred or simmering envy, we should remember that someone is closely listening up above.