Colour 'em red, yellow, green!

Colour 'em red, yellow, green!

Scrumptious savouries

The little water-gunners around your apartment, emerging from nowhere and targeting their cute and colourful guns at you, would have already put you in the Holi mode. How can one stay away from the frenzy around as marketplaces deck up with multi-hued colours of the fest, shopkeepers stock up their outlets with snacks and little army of children go berserk celebrating the festival weeks in advance.

As the Holi fervour drowns you in its rhythm, Metrolife makes sure you get to celebrate the festival with the food that spells Holi like nothing else does. 

Hope you have already stocked up namak and shakkar paraas from the neighbourhood bakery. Those are the first few platters that go around as your guests and family come visiting on the vibrant festival of colours. While your dry snacks seem to be ready, how about the drinks and the home-cooked savouries for your Holi party?

Chef Bharti Sanghi from Home Alone Foods gives a zesty twist to a lot of recipes, saying, “To present a fusion of fresh flavours and colours to the traditional dishes, I have come up with a string of mouth-watering recipes such as Apple Crumble Gujia, Pichkari Thandai, Chandrakala, Tiranga Dhokla, colourful golgappas, Kanji Vada, Kanji Pakoda and much more.” 

While the dishes remain the same, a hint of colour and a few interesting ingredients add a slice of festive feel to her recipes. But if you wish to go all traditional, Chef Ashish Joshi, executive chef, Jaypee Siddharth suggests making a healthy serving of malpuas, the traditional sweet pancakes, garnished with pistas on top. 

And when you get tired chasing your best friend to colour them ‘black and blue’ for some fun! Take a moment and drink up the thandaais. The Dhaba by Claridges has some interesting concoctions to leave you rejuvenated for another round of Tom & Jerry-like chase, as The Dhaba offers drinks like Ruhaani Lassi, Toofan and Somras.

Ruhaani Lassi is one of their refreshing drinks that comes packed with a punch of raspberry and strawberry mixed in yoghurt. Feast on a lot of gujjia, shakkar paare, kanji vadas and wash it down with a healthy draughts of thandaais this Holi!