Symbolism to mitigate bad luck

Symbolism to mitigate bad luck


The Chinese New Year celebrations are not complete without the adaptation of Fengshui symbolism especially during the first fortnight of the Chinese lunar New Year. Chinese lanterns, pussy willow pants, lemon and orange fruit bearing trees close to the main door, auspicious motifs and Taoist gods are all part of the celebrations.

As postulated in Feng Shui analysis, the luck of the individual is said to change annually along with the luck of the premises as energy keeps changing constantly. To balance the flow of energy and restore the equilibrium, Fengshui recommends clearing of clutter and checking your place of dwelling or office for afflictions and carrying out the fine-tuning. This is known as countering the “annual afflictions” and this could be anything from realigning the furniture to relocating the Fengshui symbolisms.

The Fengshui of an individual also goes through cyclic changes which as per Chinese zodiac astrology is a combination of the animal sign with the year element which in turn determines the luck of the individual for that year.

This is handled through adopting general symbolism in the place of dwelling or work. One of the most popular symbols is carrying a special coin known as the “Bagua Horoscope Coin.”
The coin with a square hollow at the centre signifies “heaven and earth” and symbolically represents activation of the “human luck” within the purview of the heaven and earth energies.

These coins can be placed in a safe and tied above the main door entry to counter afflictions.

(The author is a Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner)
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