Colourful hues on campus

Colourful hues on campus


Colourful hues on campus

The students of MES College of Arts, Science and Commerce held their two-day cultural fest Anubhav recently. Different events were organised and the campus was teeming with students who had come to participate in the fest. The theme of the fest this year was ‘Spectrum of colours’.

Events like ‘Glamathon’ (fashion show), ‘Battle of the Bands’, beat-boxing, stress interview, ‘Mad Ads’, mime, treasure hunt and ‘War of the DJ’s’ were a part of the fest, which also included dance competitions like Western dance, ‘two to tango’ and folk dance.

Students could be seen letting their hair down and enjoying the show. Competitions such as ‘War of the DJs’ and ‘Battle of the Bands’ provided a lot of excitement and good music to the crowd and the youngsters enjoyed every bit of it. The campus was decked up according to the theme and the students had put up art pieces in bright hues all over the place.

Sreeraj, a student, said that the fest was a huge success and the competitions saw some of the brightest students across City colleges taking part in it. “We had a good crowd – apart from our own students, many from different colleges in the City came over. While some came to have a good time, others participated in the fest. We worked hard to organise the fest and it’s very satisfying to know that people enjoyed it. Everything was managed by the students and we divided ourselves into teams to look into different areas like marketing, publicity and sponsorships,” he detailed.

Students noted that they learnt a lot from the fest and it taught them key skills while boosting their confidence. Ganesh, one of the fest coordinators, said that organising a fest as big as this required time and a lot of hard work.

“It was a learning experience and taught us how to handle critical situations and get work done effectively. It also improved our communication skills to a great extent. Thanks to the fest, we bonded with our classmates and students from different departments and got a chance to know more people.

The best part about the whole experience was that it left us refreshed and extremely motivated,” he explains.

With the conclusion of the two-day fest, the students are back to academics with a fresh approach and waiting for more fun-filled activities to come their way.