'I literally lived the character'

'I literally lived the character'


'I literally lived the character'

There is no gory scene or bloodshed in ‘Rowdy’. But the upcoming Telugu film, starring father-son duo Mohan Babu and Vishnu Manchu, has some high voltage action. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), the film has both the father and son playing equally important roles but promises to hold the secret on who the real rowdy is till the end.

On being asked how the collaboration happened, Vishnu says, “After a round of discussion, both of us found the subject interesting. Ram Gopal Varma is one of the best directors I’ve known and it is great to work with him.”

Vishnu admires the commitment and dedication of RGV. “There is no compromise on the acting front. You have to be prepared to be moulded in any way when you are working with RGV. He gets the best out of you,” Vishnu tells Metrolife prior to the release of the film.

Working with his father too proved quite challenging for Vishnu. “My father is a super hero and I was struggling to fight for my own space. That in itself was a huge task. But he and I have very different styles of acting,” Vishnu says.

Apart from sticking to a strict fitness regimen, Vishnu didn’t do anything more to change his look. “A rugged, unkempt look was required and I had to walk around looking the way I did until the shoot was over. I literally lived the character,” he says. And his father Mohan Babu too appears as real and natural on screen.

The stylishly shot song Nee Meeda Ottu, featuring Vishnu Manchu and actress Shanvi, has added a lot of colour and glamour to the film. Sharing his experience, Vishnu says, “Shanvi is a thorough professional and I had a great time shooting for the song. The song has been shot in some exotic locations, which by themselves were an inspiration to perform well,” he adds.

Vishnu is also working overtime to complete his pet project based on the Ramayana, which will have Mohan Babu playing the role of Ravana. “The project will cost about Rs 85 crores and what I wanted to bring across to the viewers is that Ravana isn’t as bad as he is made out to be. Through this movie, we will revisit the old times,” he signs off.