Minister fails to keep his power promise

Minister fails to keep his power promise

 The promise of Energy Minister D K Shivakumar on uninterrupted power supply during summer seems to have gone up in smoke with many parts of the City already facing power cuts.

Frequent power cuts and load-shedding are becoming the order of the day in Magadi Road, Tumkur Road, Peenya, areas in Bangalore east and Bannerghatta Road.
“We are facing power cuts in the morning and also at night. It was surprising because the minister had promised that there would be no power cuts. The government should have kept its word, at least till the  general elections were over,” said Jayamma, a Magadi Road resident.

Technical glitches

The Bescom officials attribute the intermittent power supply to technical glitches.
Areas around Tumkur Road are facing power cuts for longer durations. “We are worried for our children as they have to study for their exams. It is still the start of summer season,” said Revathy K, a resident.

Bescom Managing Director Pankaj Kumar Pandey cited “techinical constraints” for the power cuts and termed them a temporary phenomenon.

Transformer out of order

“Power cuts and load-shedding will continue for next 15 to 20 days in Peenya as the transformer there is under repair. Hence, Tumkur Road, Magadi Road and surrounding areas are facing power cuts. The industrial areas have been told to manage with load-shedding so that residential areas have no problems, especially at night, when children study. There is load-shedding from 9.30 am to 10.30 am in areas along Tumkur Road and at different times of the day in other areas.”