Some fizz for drink!

Some fizz for drink!

Soda counters

Some fizz for drink!

Fresh lime soda has always been popular all over the world. However, nowadays, consumers are not just happy with the good old lime soda as the gaseous drink comes in a number of attractive colours and flavours.

Especially in namma City, flavoured soda seems to be the order of the day. With a number of soda counters opening up in every nook and corner, youngsters seem to be lapping up the aerated drink as it is available for as less as Rs 10 and doesn’t pinch their pocket. But is it a healthy trend? 

Nandhini, a final-year BCom student of Mount Carmel College, reveals that her college is quite strict when it comes to aerated drinks.

“Companies are coming up with new ways of selling soda. But aerated drinks of any kind are not allowed or sold on campus,” she informs. But she feels that compared to carbonated drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, flavoured sodas are a better option.

“At least the flavouring agents used to lend taste to soda, like lemon, are natural. So soda may not be as dangerous as soft drinks,” she adds.

According to Fatima, a final-year student of Jain University-CMS, sodas come handy. “Personally, I don’t go looking to drink it. But if some of my friends want to have it, I don’t mind accompanying them,” she explains.  “Youngsters these days aren’t so health-conscious. For them, it’s just a matter of convenience. Since soda is so easily available, they don’t mind consuming it,” she adds.

A number of people opt for sodas of all flavours at her shop, explains Mamatha M Mohan whose love for masala soda made her open Taja Masala Soda, a hangout for youngsters in Basavanagudi near BMS Engineering College. “Ten years ago, when we started this place, soft drinks had come under the scanner for being unhealthy. We felt this was a healthier option to serve to customers,” she says.

“So we have fountain soda which comes out fresh. Also, the flavours that we use are completely natural, be it lime, salt, jeera or ginger. The fruit-based flavours are made using fresh fruit crushes. We only add a few preservatives and colours which are permitted,” she notes.

 Though the hangout sells a number of items to munch on as well, it’s the soda that is the fastest selling. “Blue curaco is one of the most popular flavours,” she adds. Though soda can be consumed if one experiences indigestion, it cannot be taken regularly, feels Dr Swarupa Kakani, chief nutritionist, Sagar Hospital.

“Consuming soda regularly after meals or on a daily basis could be harmful due to its gas-forming properties. Especially for people with hypertension, it’s a big no as it contains sodium,” she advises. However, she feels that compared to aerated drinks, soda is better.

“It doesn’t have any calories so that’s one thing consumers don’t have to worry about,” she sums up.

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