It's getting hotter by the day

It's getting hotter by the day

Summer Blues

It's getting hotter by the day

The summer is proving to be difficult this year.

The temperature in the City has already touched 35 degree celsius and Bangaloreans might have to brace up for a spurt in it.

The maximum temperature has been around 35 degree celsius in the City on an average.  

“The temperature has been stable till now. The sky is partly cloudy and that is quite normal in March. But there are possibilities of the temperature rising in April,” says B Puttanna, director of India Meteorological Department.

Many Bangaloreans are trying to beat the heat with umbrellas, sun blocks and cotton wear.

Those commuting long distances say that the heat is taking a toll on their health.

“Almost everyone who has to travel a long distance on a daily basis is suffering from sore throat and stomach problems due to the heat. I travel all the way from Indiranagar to Electronic City on my two wheeler and the heat exhausts me."

"Even in the early mornings, the sun is really harsh. I try to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Also, I feel that it is very important to eat simple home-cooked food as stomach infections are on the rise in this weather,” says Subhash, a professional.
Many others point out that the loss of tree cover and lakes in the City is one of the reasons why the City is becoming hotter every year.

“Bangalore was known for its greenery. So many trees have been felled in areas like Indiranagar, Hosur Road etc. So it is normal for the temperature to rise. With no trees, we have to cope with the sweltering heat."
"I try and wear cotton T-shirts and light colours to beat the heat. Also, I drink a lot of water and tender coconut water so that I don’t fall ill,” says Chandana, a professional.
Doctors point out that drinking a lot of water can help in not falling prey to the heat.

Chandil Kumar, a general physician, says that eating fruits like water melon and avoiding very cold beverages can help in keeping diseases at bay.
 For many Bangaloreans who have seen the City develop, the increasing heat has come as a shock.

Some say that it is only in the last few years that there has been such a major change in the weather here.

“I have grown up in Bangalore and it is only in the last five six years that the summer has become hotter. It is obvious that this summer is going to be very hot. The only way to cope with the heat is to avoid getting out in the afternoon and make sure that one drinks a lot of water,” says Abbe, a student.

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