Robbery attempt in City; ex-banker killed, wife hurt

Robbery attempt in City; ex-banker killed, wife hurt

Robbery attempt in City; ex-banker killed, wife hurt

A retired banker was killed and his wife seriously injured after a seven-member gang, posing as jewellery merchants, attacked the couple in their house in Wilson Garden on Tuesday, in a bid to loot an antique gold necklace.

Taking swift action, the police and two passers-by caught three of the culprits while they were fleeing.

Uday Raj Singh (65), a retired State Bank of Mysore manager, died on the spot after he was stabbed in the abdomen and chest. His wife Susheela (60), a homemaker, who was also stabbed, was admitted to a hospital and is out of danger, said the police.

The childless couple resided in a rented duplex house on 11th Main of Wilson Garden. It is said that the Singhs owned several pieces of jewellery, including an antique necklace.

Singh wished to sell the necklace and buy a house with the money. He had negotiated with several prospective buyers, who even visited his house. However, none of the deals came through, the police said.

On Tuesday afternoon, seven people came to his house and told Singh they wanted to buy the necklace. They had met him a few times earlier in this regard. While Singh showed them a photograph of the prized ornament, they asked to see the necklace. All of a sudden, they stabbed Singh, who died instantly. They also attacked Susheela and tried to slit her throat.

Alerted by the couple’s screams, neighbours and passers-by gathered in front of the house. The gang thought Susheela too had died and tried to flee with the ornament.

To escape the crowd outside, they used the back door which opens out to the terrace.

Before fleeing, they washed their blood-stained hands under a tap on the terrace, said the police and eye-witnesses.

The police guarding the nearby Mary Immaculate School, after two girl students committed suicide recently, rushed to the spot. They saw the culprits jump from the terrace. Five policemen cordoned off the area. They then gave chase and caught three members of the gang.