'DJs are getting huge crowds'

'DJs are getting huge crowds'

Distinct vision

'DJs are getting huge crowds'

DJ Andrew Rayel, a Moldovan trance producer, is known as the modern-day Mozart.

His music has won the hearts of many music lovers across the world.

The DJ enthralled the audience in Bangalore recently with his peppy numbers, which are a smart combination of melody, euphoria and energy.

“It’s actually my third trip to India. The first time I came to India was two years back and I did a three-city tour. I went to Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad and later to Goa and played at the ‘Sunburn Festival’. I am glad that I came to Bangalore. I have heard a lot about the audience here and that it is one of the best places to play at in India,” he says.

The DJ has played in several countries and has had different experiences in different countries.

He notes that the audiences are quite distinct but he loves to play all over the world and meet all kinds of people.

“They interact with me and my music in a different way based on their culture. I never expect too much from the audience,” he adds.

Ask him about the kind of music that he plays and he instantly says that he plays his vision of music.

“I try to portray what I feel is great. Two years ago, I did a soundtrack for an Indian movie. That is the only lead I have to the Indian music industry. I was very busy producing electronic music and was working with Armin van Buuren and Armada music and was not interested in doing soundtracks. Maybe I will be interested in doing soundtracks later, when I am older. For now, I want to focus on producing electronic music, tour all around the world and play,” he explains.

With the increasing popularity of EDM, DJs across the world are getting the recognition that they wouldn’t have got a few years back.

“EDM is growing so fast all over the world. Twenty years ago, the most popular music was jazz, rock and pop. EDM is growing not only in India but everywhere else in the world and it is taking the place of pop music. DJs are getting huge crowds."

"Ten years ago, nobody could imagine that a DJ could play for thousands of people. The competition is big and everyday you can hear a new DJ coming up. Today, a DJ also needs to be a producer. If you play someone else’s music, you will not get that kind of attention and the feedback is better if the song is commercial. My position is that I am right in the middle. I want to play commercial songs as well as other songs, I want to combine it well,” he asserts.

The evolving technology has helped the DJs a lot and has made their work less tedious.

Andrew points out that 10 years ago, if DJs wanted to produce a track, they would need to have a room full of equipment and other hardware.

“Now we have a laptop and a pair of head phones and one can produce it on the flight. Who knows what the future has in store for us,” he sums up.

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