Let your glares do the talking!

Let your glares do the talking!


For women, there is nothing more alluring than when Shah Rukh or Salman Khan make an appearance in their aviators.

For men, Deepika Padukone or Kareena Kapoor Khan, flaunting their Vogue or Fendi eyewear are equally seductive!     

Imitating them, youngsters often purchase trendy glares from local vendors to sate their need to flaunt but don’t realise that these are capable of harming the eyes.
“People don’t mind paying for jewellery or other accessories but try and not buy branded eyewear for it is expensive. The World Health Organisation has, however, classified that eyewear plays an important role in protecting the eye,” informs Sujay Suresh Dangi, chief optometrist at Titan Company Ltd which has Glares by Titan, suggesting the significance of buying a perfect pair of
sunglasses since it serves the need of both – protection
and fashion.

While a pink tint would look quite voguish on Saif Ali Khan and you might want to emulate him, but beware, for the shade is advisable only for indoors as it doesn’t offer much protection from ultraviolet rays. There is also the amber/yellow/orange tint which is being picked up generously by celebs in both India and abroad. The reason being this colour improves contrasts in low-light conditions and is thus advisable for cycling, hunting, shooting etc.

But the best tints among all are grey, green and brown/copper. A grey-tinted sunglass can be used for general purposes and does not distort any colour. “It is good to filter UV rays. Grey and green are thus most popular for outdoor. A brown or copper on the other hand provide depth perception when one has to look at multiple objects such as during long driving, playing tennis, golf or baseball. It is also very warm against a blue sky or sea and hence can also be worn during water sports,” counsels Sujay.
One can also opt for polaroid lens which protect the eyes when exposed to glare (specially on a white surface such as while driving). And for those who have to wear
spectacles there’s no need to worry, for it is possible to have sunglasses with power. If you wonder which are the ones that ‘celebrities wear for
social do’s in evening’ then search for gradish tint which is not advisable to be worn in bright sunlight.

The issue of buying a perfect pair then comes to
deciding the appropriate shape. What works here is the basic rule – ‘Opposite looks better’. Broadly, there are five face types – oval, round, squarish, oblong/rectangular and heart/inverted triangle.

“Rectangular glasses will look good on somebody who has a round face and vice-versa,” advises Sujay adding how round/oval or bugs eye (heavy on the bottom) glares will look good on Amitabh Bachchan who has an oblong face. Probably that’s the reason why aviators did wonders for Salman’s Dabangg avatar.
For SS’14, Fendi has come up with cat-eye and retro-inspired frame in Optyl -- a registered trademark for an ultra-lightweight plastic material with unparalleled colour effects. Angular cuts and aquatic blues are being predicted as the upcoming trend for the hot months ahead by many brands, but beware of buying anything without knowing what will work for you the best!