Chase The Sun triumphs

BANGALORE RACE RESULTS / Suraj Narredu clinches Champion Jockey honours

Chase The Sun, ridden by A Sandesh, claimed top honours in the Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar Memorial Trophy over 1400 metres, the feature event on the concluding day of the Winter Season at the Bangalore Turf Club on Friday.

United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Ltd were declared the leading individual owner and along with Ashok Rampise were also adjudged the leading joint owner.

Prajavani won the leading tipster award for a newspaper while Ethophian was crowned the horse of the season. 

1. Bhatkal Stakes -- 1400M: Ace Shineon (Anil Heeroji Lad’s) Christopher, 1; Masked Marvel (P Trevor) 2; Appy’s Pride (TS Jodha) 3; Emancipation (Vishwanath) 4; Not run: Attitude Xtreme; WB: 1-3/4, 1L, Shd; T: 1:27.86; Tote: Rs 47w, Rs 19, Rs 14, Rs 27p; TB: S Dominic; Fav: Arziki; Fc: Rs 50; Q: Rs 30; SHP: Rs 37; Tri: Rs 213 and Rs 125; Exp: Rs 2,648 and Rs 1,309.

2. Chamarajanagar Stakes -- 1600M: Oriental King (Anil K Bodani & Mrs Chandrika A Bodani’s) B Mahesh, 1; Abba (Mudassar) 2; Glamour Boy (Christopher) 3; Magnetic Power (Prabhakaran) 4; WB: 3-1/4, 1/2L, Neck; T: 1:41.09; Tote: Rs 80w, Rs 30, Rs 36, Rs 22p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Our Commander; Fc: Rs 853; Q: Rs 1,289; SHP: Rs 140; Tri: Rs 3,868 and Rs 3,315; Exp: Rs 56,928 and Rs 12,199.

3. Badami Stakes (Div II) -- 1400M: Prom Queen (SN Harish’s) CS Jodha, 1; Jaavni (Kiran Rai) 2; Mountain Splendor (S Hussain) 3; Resurgent (Arshad Alam) 4; WB: 4-1/2, 2, 2L; T: 1:27.45; Tote: 26w, Rs 15, Rs 36, Rs 23p; TB: Narayana Gowda; Fav: Prom Queen; Fc: Rs 611; Q: Rs 189; SHP: Rs 163; Tri: Rs 5,188 and Rs 1,112; Exp: Rs 7,947 and Rs 2,649.

4. Pratap Stud Stakes -- 2000M: Spanish Cannon (Harresh N Mehta, Mrs Mayurri H Mehta and Manav Harresh Mehta rep Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd’s) A Sandesh, 1; Potomac (Christopher) 2; Ace Bucephalus (R Vaibhav) 3; Cool Approach (B Mahesh) 4; WB: Nose, 2-1/4, 7-1/4L; T: 2:08.62; Tote: Rs 17w, Rs 12, Rs 21p; TB: S Padmanabhan; Fav: Spanish Cannon; Fc: Rs 30; Q: Rs 31; SHP: Rs 34; Tri: Rs 43 and Rs 16; Exp: Rs 192 and Rs 207.

5. Gomos Stakes (Div I) -- 1200M: Joanees Beauty (M Venkatarama & RJ Lobo’s) Christopher, 1; Anfield (Ch K Chary) 2; Inspirator (Arshad Alam) 3; Magic Wave (Kiran Rai) 4; WB: 4, 1/2, 2-3/4L; T: 1:14.21; Tote: Rs 35w, Rs 14, Rs 25, Rs 28p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Joanees Beauty; Fc: Rs 140; Q: Rs 103; SHP: Rs 88; Tri: Rs 949 and Rs 447; Exp: Rs 39,930 and Rs 11,409.

6. Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar Memorial Trophy -- 1400M: Chase The Sun (Dr & Mrs Vijay Mallya Rep The United Racing and BloodStock Breeders Ltd’s) A Sandesh, 1; Ethophian (P Kiran Rai) 2; Supreme Regime (P Trevor) 3; Port Blair (I Chisty) 4; WB: 1-1/4L, Nose, Nose; T: 1:25.97; Tote: Rs 69w, Rs 22, Rs 23, Rs 13p; TB: S Padmanabhan; Fav: Supreme Regime; Fc: Rs 210; Q: Rs 173; SHP: Rs 56; Tri: Rs 1,857 and Rs 729; Exp: Rs 5,414 and Rs 3,287.

7. RWITC Cup -- 1200M: Topshot (K Pradeep Annaiah’s) Ch K Chary, 1; Ontime (I Chisty) 2; She’s Stunning (SK Paswan) 3; Expert (A Sandesh) 4; WB: 2-1/4, 5-1/2, 3/4L; T: 1:13.81; Tote: Rs 76w, Rs 18, Rs 14, Rs 303p; TB: Pradeep Annaiah; Fav: Ontime; Fc: 185; Q: Rs 87; SHP: Rs 43; Tri: Rs 22,915 and Rs 9,821; Exp: Rs 48,095 and Rs 8,245.

8. Badami Stakes (Div I) -- 1400M: Altas Power (Naresh Kumar Pawar’s) B Mahesh, 1; Open Page (AR Pradeep) 2; Firelight (Prabhakaran) 3; Mark Of Genius (A Sundaram) 4; WB: 6-3/4, 3-1/2L, Neck; T: 1:26.90; Tote: Rs 60w, Rs 20, Rs 17, Rs 23p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Active Grey; Fc: Rs 427; Q: Rs 179; SHP: Rs 43; Tri: Rs 1,090 and Rs 539; Exp: Rs 66,828 and Rs 14,320.

9. Gomos Stakes (Div II) -- 1200M: Spanish Fly (D Shailesh Shivaswamy, Dr Dayananda Pai P, Manjunatha Bhandari & NV Babu’s) Anjar Alam, 1; Youre Rocking (Ch K Chary) 2; Fioretta (TS Jodha) 3; Fashion Flame (Irvan Singh) 4; WB: 4-1/2, Lnk, 3-1/4L; T: 1:15.34; Tote: Rs 226w, Rs 47, Rs 29, Rs 12p; TB: Hidayat K; Fav: Fioretta; Fc: Rs 3,670; Q: Rs 811; SHP: Rs 115; Tri: Rs 5,379 and Rs 4,610; Exp: Rs 130,680.
Jackpot: Rs 150,450 (3). Runner-up: Rs 7,440 (26). I mini-jackpot: Rs 17,953 (c/o). II mini-jackpot: Rs 16,978 (1). I treble: Rs 311 (49). II treble: Rs 30,704 (1).
Awards: Leading individual owner: United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Limited (Rs 38 lakhs).

Leading joint owner: United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Limited  and Ashok Rampise (Rs 61 lakhs).
Champion trainer: S Padmanabhan.
Champion jockey: Suraj Narredu.
Champion apprentice jockey: P Kiran Rai.
Leading stud farm: Kunigal Stud Farm.
Leading bookmaker: Ashwin Enterprises Ltd.
Leading bookmaker (second enclosure): SGR & Co.
Leading tipster (newspaper): Prajavani.
Leading tipster (race card publisher): Chaate & Thestallion.
Champion horse: Agostini.
Horse of the season: Ethophian.

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