A smart way to gain knowledge

A smart way to gain knowledge


Students are always looking for some new app or the other to distract themselves and ‘QuizUp’, the hit trivia game, is the latest rage among smartphone users in various colleges across the City. 

A player can choose to be quizzed on over 400 topics, ranging from arts, business, education, geography, history, literature, movies, music, science and sports among others.

The icing on the cake is the fact that one can compete with friends, creating a social network that revolves around quizzing. 

Players not only try and win each seven-question quiz but also receive achievements and titles that give them a good reason to flaunt their knowledge! 

Using time effectively

Mohammed Dilshad, third-year BBM, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, says that he started playing the game when his classmates introduced him to it. 
“It’s really becoming a rage in class and everybody is talking about what level they are at. I prefer playing ‘QuizUp’ to other games on the phone because it’s not a waste of time and I actually gain information from it. The topics I quiz on are logos, business cues, technology and sports. It’s not as easy as it looks and there’s always scope for improvement,” he opines. 

Lots to learn
Irene Lalrempuii,  second-year BA, Jyoti Nivas College, feels that the app is a constructive way of spending time on one’s phone. 

“My favourite topics are general knowledge, name the artist and a bit of British history. I like the game because of the fact that I always lose, which makes me realise how much more I have to learn. In today’s times, facts don’t matter as much as they did when we were younger and apps like this and ‘IQ’, which I also play, helps us think out of the box,” she shares.

Networking with friends 

Mohammed Naseeh, third-year BE, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, plays the game to add to his knowledge. 

“It’s really fun to play and compete with your friends. I find the networking aspect the most enticing because it’s a way of gauging who among friends is smarter in a particular area. My friends and I usually quiz up for topics like sports and football though I also enjoy doing the physics and geography quizzes. I know the answers to some topics but it’s guesswork in others but I feel like a child every time I win a round!” he confesses. 

Fun yet enlightening  

Rinzuali Hnamte, second-year, Jyoti Nivas College (PU), admits that she’s very new to the game and still has a lot to learn. 

“I started playing it very recently and still have to discover which topics I want to get better at. I’ve been doing a lot of general knowledge quizzes and the app actually helps me learn a lot of new facts. I don’t like reading books, so this is as good a way to learn about the world. Knowledge is knowledge, regardless of where one gets it from,” she says. 

Calling more people 

Shabil Kallatra,  third-year BCom, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, says that he recommends the app to everybody he knows. 
“The more people join this game, the more fun it will be to play. While it is a competitive quiz, the best part about it is gaining knowledge on a topic, regardless of whether you win or lose. I love playing the Premiere League and business-related quizzes. In fact, I’m getting so addicted that I sometimes play them during classes as well. I’d highly recommend everyone to try them,” he notes. 

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