Delhi Congress tightens noose around defaulters

Delhi Congress tightens noose around defaulters

Delhi Congress tightens noose around defaulters

The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee has constituted a disciplinary panel to oversee the actions of ‘errant leaders’ for coming parliamentary elections. The party high command has asked the city unit to send a post-election feedback of such leaders with proof.

Sources told Deccan Herald that the committee has conducted a video recording of Sonia Gandhi’s rally to know about the number of spectators being brought to the rally from each Assembly constituency.

“We will also conduct a detailed video recording of Rahul Gandhi’s rally coming Sunday. The committee wants to know who is actually working and who is just doing formalities for the preparations of coming parliamentary elections,” said a senior party leader.

The video recordings are largely focussed on who is bringing how many people to the rallys. The party has arranged a number of buses, but there were complains that some “dissatisfied” party leaders, who are apparently from former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s group, have brought the buses almost empty.

Many former and sitting party MLAs including former cabinet ministers of Dikshit government, had registered their protests against party MPs for ignoring them. Many of such complaints were from the New Delhi and the North-West Delhi parliamentary constituencies.

“The committee will first scrutinise recordings and then compile a report and forward it to the high command. If the leaders were found guilty, the party high command has decided to give them a final warning. If they continue, action will be taken against them,” he added.Party sources say that there are complains against the ‘blue-eyed boys’ of Dikshit group for not helping their sitting MPs in their election campaigns.

The committee has been asked to maintain distance from the party leaders so that they do not get influenced by anyone and make an independent report about infighting, factionalism and other problems in the party.