Some free time at last...

Some free time at last...


Some free time at last...
After a hectic year of academics, the students of class ten and 12 are enjoying the welcome break. It’s been a busy year for them with tests, pre-finals and board exams.

Now that they finally have time at hand, the students are making full use of the holidays.

While many of them are keen to travel, others say that the board exams were just the beginning of a series of entrance exams. 

In conversation with Metrolife, the students share their plans for the long break. 

Tanish Mehta, a second-year pre-university student, plans to head to Coorg for 
the holidays. 

“That’s only going to be a short holiday. Otherwise, I will be studying especially since I’m planning to do architecture. I have many entrance tests to prepare for. The board exams were really hectic. But I think the holidays will also be that way especially since I might have to attend coaching classes to crack the entrance tests,” he explains. 

Pranav HS, from Bishop Cotton Boys School, says that he hasn’t decided what to do yet.

“I always plan spontaneously. I have a lot to study even during the holidays 
because I will be appearing for the engineering entrance tests. Let’s see how the break turns out,” says the class 12 science student. 

Making use of the time, Vivek Wadwani, a second-PU student, will be pursuing an internship. 

“I will be interning with a finance company. It will look good on my resume,” he says. 

For a short break, Vivek will also be heading to Goa with his friends. 

“The PU exams were easy and didn’t require much preparation. But I will have 
to focus on the entrance tests for the bachelors in business management course,” he says. 

Radha, a class 10 student, says that her board exam grades will count. 

“At least I don’t have to study in the holidays. I will be going to Malaysia with my parents. Being an avid reader, I also want to catch up on the latest books. Throughout the year, I have kept away from leisure reading because I have had so much to study,” she says. 

Anupriya, who has finished her class ten board exams, says that during the holidays, she has enrolled for some classes. 
“It’s the only time that I can work on honing my skills. I have enrolled myself for German classes. Since I’m also interested in cooking and baking, I am taking some lessons. It’s 
during these holidays that I want to explore my talents and get to know what I really want to do,” she explains, adding, “Since I am looking at a vocational course, I want to ensure that I have the aptitude for it.”