Rhythmic moves open a new world

Rhythmic moves open a new world

Kathak recital

Dance lovers were in for a treat at the ‘Klassical Kathak’ programme, organised by the International Arts and Cultural Foundation, recently. The show was held at Seva Sadan in Malleswaram. 

The evening started with the troupe Nadam performing some classical pieces which were choreographed by Nandini K Mehta and K Murali Mohan. Beginning with a Shivastuti, they wound up with the popular track Krishna Nee Begane Baro.
Before the programme, Nandini said, “We’re expecting a full-house this evening. We’ve got much variety to offer during the 40-minute programme.” 
The highlight of the evening was the performance of Shama Bhateji, the artistic and founder director of Nad-Roop, Pune. 

“There is a lot of spontaneity and improvisation techniques that I make use of. The workshop that I conducted earlier in the day was an interesting one. It was a good learning experience. I found the seniors more responsive,” she explained. 
“I also found a distinct difference in style among Bangaloreans. I follow more of the North Indian style. But it was good to see youngsters enthusiastic,” she added.

Pointing out that kathak is popular among Bangaloreans, Shama said, “There is a lot of interest in cultural activities. However, there are differences in styles. But I don’t have any expectations about the show this evening. Let’s see how it goes.”
The audience was an impressed lot. 

“Being an aspiring dancer myself, I attend dance performances on a regular basis. I attend them to see the techniques that other performers use. And when those from other places perform, there is so much that can be learnt,” said Anupriya, a member of the audience. 

Kshama, who had come along with her friends, said, “We are regulars at cultural programmes.
Being senior citizens, we find that involving ourselves in art and culture keep our interests alive.” 
She added, “Since we stay close by, we find this a convenient location.” 

Neetu, another member of the audience said, “I liked the style of the performers. Both the performances were well done. It’s not often that I attend such shows. But I’m glad I chose to attend the right performance.” 
She added, “There was a lot of variety and the fact that some popular pieces were performed made the show all the more interesting. I’m hoping to be a regular at dance performances now.”