'All people expect is a good party'

Last Updated 08 April 2014, 13:45 IST
It was on his flight to India that this Spanish artiste watched a few Bollywood movies and realised that they are like “a celebration, with people singing and dancing throughout”, yet he found them “beautiful”!
Known to the world as DJ DOSEM, he made his maiden trip to this country with an “open mind,” but admits, “I read some parts of history of this country and did not prepare anything and just improvised a little bit on the spot, to create what the crowd desires.”

His strategy garnered him a lot of attention on his tour. He, on the other hand, realised that the demand is different in different cities. 

“While playing under an open star-studded sky in Mumbai was surreal, the 
party-goers in Chennai looked quite contrasting in an enclosed pub,” he compares, feeling happy that 
he came unprepared.

The smile on his face transforms into a grin when Metrolife asks him about his unusual name.
“It is an abbreviation of the words Dynamic Organic Soulful Electronic Music,” a combination of words that help him define his music. 

“When I started playing about 10 years ago, I was looking for a name that would suit my style. It is difficult to define music since it has a universal language and I thus chose a lot of words 
instead of just one.”
“Music attracted me in the years when I was growing up. In college days I wanted to make my own music to which people could dance. I had a chance to play in clubs and started practising with DJs. Soon I was mixing music and soon got a permanent job. I have some really good memories of that time,” he ruminates as he looks at the satisfied crowd calling it a day at Pullman Gurgaon Central Park’s recently launched nightclub i-Kandy. 

“Be it India or Spain, all people expect is to have a good night and a good party which is possible though good music.” 

Which is so true for the night-revellers.

But for this artiste, the fun and frolic continues as he plans to leave for Agra the next day.

“I didn’t want to leave the country before seeing the Taj Mahal so I made it a point that my trip included a visit to the monument,” he says. 

He later confessed, “It is 
absolutely beautiful! I now want to come back to India to spend some more days and visit a lot of contrasts that this country offers. But whenever I am back, I will come with an ‘open mind’,” he reiterates before completing his Indian experience.

(Published 08 April 2014, 13:45 IST)

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