Demand spurs watermelon prices

Demand spurs watermelon prices

Demand spurs watermelon prices

The scorching summer, coupled with increasing demand for watermelons, has led to increase in its price lately. 

At Horticultural Producers' Co-operative Marketing and Processing Society (Hopcoms) outlets, the Kiran and Namdhari variety of the fruit are being priced at Rs 20 per kg for the last 15 days. 

Hopcoms Manager(Procurement and Marketing), Keshav S H, that said three weeks ago, both varieties were being sold at Rs 14-15 per kg. 

Hopcoms Managing Director, Kadire Gowda, said they procure around ten tonnes of watermelons daily from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. 

“The demand is on the rise and around eight tonnes of watermelon have been sold out ever since summer set in.”

High price

Along with price, the purchase rate of fruits has also increased. Farmers now sell it at Rs 15 per kg compared to Rs 9.50 per kg weeks ago, he added. At some retail outlets, the fruit is sold at Rs 15-28 per kg.