Tea vendor proposes name

Tea vendor proposes name

The day Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi filed his nomination papers became a moment that will always be remembered by a simple tea vendor in this city.

Kiran Mahida, 49, was selected as a “proposer” to sign on the BJP prime ministerial candidate’s nomination papers on Wednesday.

Mahida was anxious and elated when he learned that he would be accompanying Modi for the purpose.

“I lost my night’s sleep for this past week when I came to know that I will be standing next to the chief minister and signing his nomination paper,” said Mahida.

He said the fact that Modi was willing to stand with a tea vendor showed that the BJP prime ministerial candidate truly intends to work for the upliftment of all classes.

“It has been my good luck that I was able to stand next to him as the chosen one,’’ said Mahida.  He said that he did not need any more social recognition after the publicity and importance the event brought him. “People will forget in a few days that I was the one who stood with Modi, but this is an experience that I will remember for my whole life.”

Mahida said his family, too, was overjoyed about the incident and they were glad that a simple tea vendor managed to catch the attention of the nation.