Handing out message, Palace Board way

Handing out message, Palace Board way

Following an initiative by MyMul to print messages on compulsory voting on milk sachets, the Mysore Palace Board is urging its visitors to exercise their right, through its entry tickets.

From April 9, entry tickets of the Mysore Palace, which has a footfall of around 8,000 visitors everyday, from the breadth and length of the country and foreign nationals, carry a message ‘Please vote, your vote is your right’. The initiative is a part of the SVEEP programme.

Mysore Palace Board Deputy Director T S Subramanya said, they have a plan to carry the message till April 17. “We may continue to print the same till the month-end depending on the orders from the Deputy Commissioner, as people from other states too visit the Palace,” he said, speaking to Deccan Herald.

The Palace receives 60 per cent visitors from Karnataka state and the rest from other states, mainly Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Subramanya said, the idea has helped to reach people from across the nation. Through visitors, the message is passed on to their near and dear ones in their respective states.

Besides, the Palace Board has placed hoardings and posters about ‘compulsory voting’ at both the entry and exit points. “We want to improve the voting percentage and urge the tourists, who are in a holidaying mood to go back and exercise their franchise without fail,” he added.