Sai Baba on other people's beliefs

Sai Baba on other people's beliefs

We say we want spiritual success. We pray intensely when life is dealing trials and tribulations. But are the prayers so deep when we are reaping rewards?

Guru Sai Baba has warned, “Engage yourself in spiritual discipline, spiritual thoughts, and spiritual company. Forget the past and let it go its way. At least from now on be determined to save yourself. Never yield to doubt or unsteadiness.

Have faith in any one Name and Form that appeals to you. If you revere one form of God and hate another, the net result is zero. God will not tolerate the slightest hatred of any Name or Form. Avoid factions, quarrelling, scorning and fault-finding, as they reveal your ignorance and actually recoil on you.

You find fault in others, because you have the same faults in you. If you throw contempt at the form of God that another reveres, the contempt falls on your own God. Remember, everyone is a pilgrim towards the same goal. Some take one route, others take another.”

This teaching about finding faults in others because I exhibit the same faults challenges me. If I see a person acting unkindly towards someone, it makes me furious.  I want to jump right in and deliver justice. But I am being hot-headed, maybe just like the bully – acting without knowing the facts.

One thing I do know for certain, however. Mothers everywhere who have lost a loved one in a war, for example, cry the same tears and speak the same language – the language of the heart – when they speak to God, no matter what religion they do or do not practice. Of course, Swami Sai’s omniscience sees us as we really are.

He stated, “When you see some miracle, devotion arises. But, the next moment there is a change. This is not the right kind of faith.  Faith should be unaffected by ups and down.  It should not be like passing clouds. Today many lack steadiness. People should have a rock-like faith that remains unshaken, whatever may happen.

Take the example of Harischandra. His adherence to truth remained firm, despite all the troubles to which he was subjected, including the loss of his kingdom, his wife and son. He was reduced to the position of a watchman in a burning ghat.

But he remained steadfast.”The scriptures of most religions teach that whatever the Universe gives, and whatever is taken from us are to be accepted as blessings. Other people’s beliefs may appear different than our own; yet in truth, they are the same.
Beloved Lord Sai urged, “It is in this spirit that you should enter on any task.

Harischandra did not worry about the sacrifices he had to make for the sake of truth. Accept whatever the Lord gives as a benediction.  Esteem is as a gracious gift from God.Because of his firm faith, Harischandra ultimately got back his wife, son and kingdom. Therefore, you should have a faith that is unwavering and unshakeable. Lead a life of firm faith.”