Revolving around friendship

Revolving around friendship

Revolving around friendship

The audio release of the movie Mamu Tea Angadi was done in grand festivity at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall recently. The programme had colourful performances by the cast and crew of the film.

The event started with a video of the ‘guru’ of the director, Paramesh. This was followed by a dance piece in praise of Lord Ganesha. Then the four actors of the movie — Rithesh, Mahesh K, Varun and Abhishek — enacted and dedicated songs to actors Prem, Ajay Rao, Yogi and Srinagar Kitty, which received a lot of applause.

There was a vibrant group dance on the DJ version of the title track ‘Mamu Tea Angadi’ by Varun, who was also a ‘Dance India Dance’ participant.

The programme also saw another energetic performance by a young star, Ekanth Prem, who has also acted in the movie. The audience was mesmerised as they heard the official IPL drummer Bhavesh Bafna drumming on different kitchen utensils, buckets and suitcases and performing a track that was used for the movie. He also performed with the music director of the film, Rajesh Ramanath.

These performances were followed by the audio release of the movie, where a sandalwood box of the CDs was released by Ajay Rao and a cassette-like box made by director Paramesh was released by Velu, proprietor of Lahari Recording Company. The director and the actors in the movie were excited at the audio release and talked about how they are looking forward to the movie’s release.

For Paramesh, this is his debut venture and he has pinned all hopes on the movie. “I’m both excited and nervous as this is the first step in reaching the audience. Most movies today are about romance but this film is about friendship which is an evergreen topic and something cherished by all,” said Paramesh.

Mahesh Kumar, who plays one of the four heroes in the film, said that he has been looking for a break for a while and was excited that it was coming true.

“I’ve been struggling in the industry for almost two to three years now, and I’m nervous about how the audience will respond to the movie when it’s finally out,” he said.
 Rithesh, who has done comedy roles in 35 movies, said that this was the first time his role wasn’t just about being humourous. “There is comedy in the film but there is also lovely music and the theme of the movie appeals to everyone,” he shared.

Of the three heroines in the movie, Sangeetha Bhat said that she loved the theme of the movie because of all things, friendship stands firm. “This is one of my first movies and I’m glad that everything went smoothly and the music is out for everyone to hear and experience,” she said.

Archana, who has acted in Tamil before, said that this was her chance to enter the Sandalwood industry and she hoped that this experimental movie would be received well.