New avenues for young talent

New avenues for young talent

It was the ambition of young designers earlier to pass-out of their institute and showcase their work at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) some day.

A rise in the number of fashion institutes in the City produced many fashion designers overnight, but few got a chance to accomplish their dreams.

The need to exhibit and sell what they have created, bothered young and amateur designers until recently when the fashion scene in the Capital and NCR opened its arms to welcome the young and raring. 

“We had to go personally to the young designers to explain to them what we had in mind and to convince them to be a part of Premia India Runway Week (PIRW) last year,” recalls Avinash Pathania, organiser of PIRW and director of Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD), adding, this year they had to just “shoot emails and designers replied back eagerly. We received about 70 entries this year out of which we have shortlisted 12,” he adds as the models get set to walk the ramp from today evening. The show is on till April 18.
The fashion event aims at collaborating young designers with established ones so that the former can learn from the latter as well as get a platform to display their creations to prospective buyers which is the most crucial area. 
It is for the same reason that the Capital’s NCR, Gurgaon is going to witness its first dedicated fashion show - Gurgaon Fashion Week 2014, which will take place from April 17 till April 20. 

“We want to make Gurgaon a much more niche place by introducing this fashion event. There are many fashion designers in Gurgaon who do not get a chance to participate in Wills or Lakme Fashion Week (which takes place in Mumbai). It is to provide them with a platform to meet the buyers that we have come up with GFW,” informs Aishwarya Singh, organiser. 
But mind you, the organisers are not ready to compromise on the  show quality.

“We have top models and top buyers who have started making enquiries because they too are interested in getting variety,” says Aishwarya discussing about the required boost in the retail market.

“If multi-designer outlets get same designs (as made by big designers) in much less price (when made by beginners), why would they not prefer to turn up,” questions Avinash.

As far as designers are concerned, they do realise that just showcasing their works on the ramp is not sufficient. 
“I was a fool to participate in shows in other cities because apart from WIFW and LFW, none facilitates interaction with buyers. Making money out of work is a must,” points out fashion designer Rosy Ahluwalia who is participating in PIRW for the second time and feels elated on being able to do so.