Beautiful blooms under one roof

Beautiful blooms under one roof

Floral Wonders

Beautiful blooms under one roof

The unique shapes, varied sizes, multi-colours and pleasant fragrances of the beautiful flowers grabbed the attention of all the onlookers.  The three-day floral exhibition was inaugurated by veteran cricketer Syed Kirmani and he took a close glance at the attractive flowers on display. The flora exhibition showcased India’s floriculture wealth, while exposing the stakeholders to new technologies and scientific advancements.

It offered a platform for Indian growers and exporters to interact with international buyers in India and abroad and understand the latest market trends and buyer requirements. The expo aimed to win recognition for India as an important producer of flowers and plants.

More than 130 stalls from all parts of India displayed a huge collection of flowers in various colours. Charming flowers from 19 states and foreign countries were on display. An impressive range of carnations, gerbera, lilium, roses, orchids, anthurium, aster, tulip, jasmine, foliage, chrysanthereum and many others were the biggest crowd-pullers. People from all walks of life were surprised witnessing a stunning beauty of blossoms.

Lalitha V Rajan, general manager of one of the organising companies called the floriculture industry as one of the important contributors to the national economy.

“This exposition is providing a common platform for flower growers, stakeholders, retailers, input suppliers, package industry, logistics and export companies. The main purpose of the exhibition is to generate business out of flowers and promote the budding floriculture industry in India,” she said.

The members of ‘Pushpa Bitan Friendship Society’ from Kolkata were busy in decorating a life-size doll using various flowers. Kavitha Poddar, one of the members said, “We are giving life to this model by using jute fibres, hydrangeas, calla lily, roses, foliage and carnations. We have brought all the floral items from Kolkata and are excited to take part in this huge event.”

‘AgriTech India’, an exhibition of agricultural equipment also pulled in a huge crowd of enthusiasts. The expo concurrently provided a platform to display products and technology related to agriculture, horticulture, diary, poultry, live stock and aqua-culture.