Revel in the spirit of Easter

Revel in the spirit of Easter

Revel in the spirit of Easter

Coinciding with the arrival of spring, Easter brings in the brightness of colours, gaiety and vibrancy with its arrival as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On April 20, when the celebrations ring in a festive time in the Capital, revel in the Easter traditions like egg hunt or egg painting and gorge on as many chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns as your heart desires.

As Christians believe, the resurrection of Christ is the birth of new hope, new life. Inextricably linked to  the celebrations are the popular Easter egg hunts and egg rolling traditions, as it is believed that Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, Eostre
had a hare as her companion.

The hare or Easter Bunny symbolises fertility and rebirth for Christians.

Reflecting the joyous spirit of Easter in the City, Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre (HICC) organised a two-day workshop for children where young and talented artistes learnt different techniques to paint eggs. According to HICC, painting eggs is a Hungarian Folk tradition related to the revival of nature during spring time.

As Delhi is a hub of multiple cultures, French Chef Laurent J. G. Guiraud, co-owner at Rara Avis ruminated over the Easter traditions in his country, saying, “There is an old custom in France, where in a contest one has to roll raw eggs down a gentle slope. That tradition is a lot of fun. The legends states that the surviving egg is the victory egg and symbolises the stone that is rolled away from the tomb of Christ. Even the children in France participate in Easter egg hunts like other children all around the world.”

The fervour in Delhi doesn’t lag behind, as Hang Out at Select Citiwalk has organised a three-day Furry Burry Easter Party, where Children get to meet the Easter furry bunny and enjoy fun activities like Decorate your own Easter Egg, Instant Photos with the Easter Bunny, Easter Chocolate Eggs and participate in an egg hunt and win prizes. There will be gaming cards, rides, hourly musical shows, free meal pack for kids from a special Easter party menu, glimmer body art and lots more along with games and rides from April 18 to 20.

The Old Baker at Jaypee Vasant Continental has stocked up on traditional specialties for the occasion, offering an array of  chocolate molding like white chocolate bunny-egg, dark chocolate open-egg, bunny, cat, frog, to name a few. Foodhall at DLF Promenade and Central Gurgaon will be essaying tradition in modern idiom by introducing Easter cheesecake Pops, cupcakes with Easter decorations and delicious carrot cake whoopie pies.