'I take things as they come'

'I take things as they come'

'I take things as they come'
Nidhi Subbaiah may have moved to Bollywood but she is still known here as the Pancharangi girl. 

The bubbly character she played in Pancharangi follows her wherever she goes. Nidhi shares that as an actress, she has never really planned her career. 

Whatever has happened and is happening is all by chance, she quips. 
“People ask me what my next project is and I say I don’t know. They’re awestruck and wonder why this answer but that’s true. I don’t plan anything and simply take things as they come,” says Nidhi. 

A Mysorean, Nidhi lives and works in Mumbai. 

She shares that she is now more than comfortable with the City and slipped into the ethos and the culture pretty well. 

She made her acting debut with Abhimaani in Kannada and later did Anna Bond. 

And before she knew it, she was hand-picked to play the lead in Ajab Gazabb Love. 

“I was shooting for Anna Bond in Spain when I got a call from a friend in Mumbai who said that I had been chosen for Ajab Gazabb Love and that I had to give my dates immediately. It was a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. But that film gave me a good break,”  she recalls. 

Nidhi thinks that her strength lies in her ability to easily adapt to situations and roles. 

“I want to dip my fingers into as many varied roles as I can which is what I have done in all the projects that I’ve worked in so far. In Vara, I played a quiet character. It was the opposite in ‘Krishnan Marriage Story’ and I played a extrovert in Pancharangi. Thankfully, I have been remembered for most of them,” she notes. 

Work has always come to Nidhi. She recollects that she has never been in a situation where she has had to go looking for projects. 

“I’ve never been pushy to bag as many projects as I can. And I have no regrets for the many projects that may not have come my way. I don’t take myself too seriously. I take things as they come,” reasons Nidhi. 

Nidhi has been listening to a few scripts in Kannada and she says that she is likely to approve at least two or three projects.


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