'Peace can solve all problems of the country'

'Peace can solve all problems of the country'

Former CJI speaks on the threat of 'pervasive anarchy'

'Peace can solve all problems of the country'

Former Chief Justice of India M N Venkatachalaiah said, the country can resolve most of its problems, if it succeeds in maintaining peace, by uniting all sections of the society.

He was speaking at a programme organised by Badaganadu Balaga in the city, to mark its silver jubilee celebrations.

“India is passing through a crucial phase. If 30 per cent of the people in India lose faith in the system, it will result in spreading of hatred. The population has increased from 330 million in 1947 to over 1,300 million today.

Several experts have predicted that the country would go through ‘pervasive anarchy’ within the next six years, as it would experience a collapse in the political administration,” he said.

Despite such threats faced by the country, it is in our hands to think towards progress of the country. We should think of measures to ensure that the next generation lives in a respectable environment, he said.

There is a need for judicial, political and administrative reforms, so as to avert major problems staring at us, he added.

He criticised the education system as ‘sub-standard’ and said, most of the people in the country crave for international standards, which is not affordable for all.

Recalling his term as the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, he said, abuse of authority is rampant, which might push the country towards anarchy.