Bunts flay discrimination at mutt

Bunts flay discrimination at mutt

The Udupi district Bantara Yane Nadavara Sangha alleged that Sri Krishna mutt seers do not find any sort of maligning contents while receiving funds and donations for the temple administration from other caste men, however they behave the other way around when it comes to the rituals in the temple, wherein they strictly adhere to the practice of caste disparity.

Speaking to media persons here on Monday, Udupi district Bantara Yane Nadavara Sangha President Kurkalu Dinaker Shetty demanded that the evil rituals like ‘Pankthi Bedha’ should be stopped, as it segregates Hindus in the name of caste and creed.

Referring to the recent incident wherein a female lecturer in physiotherapy department in KMC was asked to leave the dining hall for being non-Brahmin, he called upon all other caste members in Hindu community other than Brahmins to unite and fight against such evil practices that divides them. He demanded that the mutt seers and administrative officials should apologize for the insult meted out to a non-Brahmin female.

He added that the discrimination to non-Brahmins is a routine affair in the mutt and the devotees endure most of the insult silently, owing to their dedication to the age-old tradition of caste hierarchy. He said it is not only Brahmins who have contributed to the growth of the temples and mutts, the other caste men have also immensely struggled to the growth of religious institutions.

He also called for statewide protest against the injustice meted out to a woman in a religious place in the name of caste. The incident should not be repeated.

He also added that if at all the mutt is a private property, let the seers hang up the board carrying message that the temple solely belongs to Brahmins, he added.