Memories to enliven the decor

Memories to enliven the decor

Memories to enliven the decor
Framed Photographs in varied forms are a wonderful way to add warmth and a sense of vibrancy to your home decor, writes Sharmila Chand. 

The most appropriate decorative accessories that can be integrated in any home setting are the photos. 

Picture frames enliven and warm the place we live in, reflecting our personality. 

At the same time, they create a certain harmony according to the way in which they are arranged with other objects. 

Be them framed watercolours, drawings, collages, paintings or photos, these can be placed on side tables, study tables, on the shelves of a living room, and of course, on the wall. 

Special attention should be given to the frames themselves, since, besides their utility, they also function as decorative objects.

Give your photo collection a new lease of life by getting them framed and placing them in your home. 

They not only help in recalling fond memories, but also give a personal touch to your home decor. 

They are a great source of generating tremendous vibrancy all around. They also keep the conversation alive.

Needless to say, a photograph says a lot. Hence, there are always stories associated with every picture. 

Family portaits or holiday pictures, they always encourage conversations with guests and each other. 

They bring in loads of happy memories, thereby generating positive vibes that are the most essential parts of a pleasing home decor.

For instance, if you have old family photographs, then have these framed and hang them on the wall. 

You might even want to use photographs you have taken of places that you have been to — in fact, you could even change these to reflect the most recent trip that you have made. 
Maybe you have folk art, textiles, mirrors, stones or mementos, anything dear to you, that can be framed. 

Hang or place them together, rather than around the room, so they’ll feel like a single work of art.
Pattern power 

Made of wood, metal or plastic, in neutral or vivid colours, with floral designs or figurines, whimsical patterns or colourful combinations, in classical or special shapes, the photo frames come in various options. 

But for best results, choose an adequate colour theme to sustain the image and to also match the furniture of the room. 

The best images, suitable for the living room, are the family pictures. 

For decorating the foyer or lounge area, you may hang large landscapes or general portraits on the walls.

On frames, patterns can be tricky — they can kill the value of the photo scene. If you’re going to get a patterned piece, keep in mind the pattern should be very small and subtle.

Arrange them well

The location, angle and height of placing or hanging photo frames is very essential for maximum visual delight. For an interesting grouping of the frames, orient some frames vertically, others horizontally, so that they look aesthetically appealing and not confusing. 

Hang your scenic wall photos at eye level. Just imagine that you’re sitting on your sofa and looking at the pretty landscape picture hanging on your walls. 

It gives you a kind of fresh and relaxed feel. 

You can do that if you choose to hang them at eye level. Similarly, the person in front of you can admire the photos hanging behind you in their matching photo frames.

If you have photos too small to frame, then put them in a fun patterned frame so that they stand out, and show them off in a matte finish for that polished look.

Collect pictures 

If you don’t have enough pictures to be framed, you can buy photographs. 

There are many photographic exhibitions happening in cities these days. 

While buying photographs, make it a point to connect with the photographs as it makes a difference and your decor will reflect a part of you.

Say, for example, if you are a bird lover, then pick up a beautiful photograph any bird you find. Similarly, if you love historical monuments, then it makes sense to display pictures of some monuments. 

Indulge in colour
If you love bright colours like orange, rich blues and tangerines, then keep your walls in neutral shades. The key is balance: Your pictures and the frames should stand out. 

If you have very bright walls, then you should keep the frames in toned-down shades — light wood or white.

Don’t neglect your staircase.

The foyer and staircase set the tone for your house. 

A nice and inspired wall decor built around wall photos can enliven your foyer much more than empty walls. 

Here, you can even place pictures of people visiting you so that as they enter the house, they instantly get a happy feeling. Hence, choose frames that can easily be changed, especially for this area. 

As for the staircase, you’ll probably find that an arrangement with one photo below the other would be perfect to fill empty spaces. 

Build your design by adding frames in a clockwise direction, nestling each frame within several inches of the ones you hung before, as if you are making a mosaic with tiles. 

Use various shapes and sizes of frames containing a mix of photographs, texts, prints and paintings for a dynamic effect.

To conclude, assemble art and objects, photos and pictures that you’d love to see and show, then mix and match frames, art and creative ideas to accentuate your home decor. 

Tips to choose your frames 

Bird or animal pattern — Animal-shaped frames are just perfect for kiddies’ rooms or even living rooms. 

Heavy metal — Add a rustic touch to your photos with this finely finished find.

Glossy gift — In neutral tones, available in several shapes, it adds instant elegance wherever you place it.

Safari style — In two-hued combination and dramatic design, it brings the best out of every picture.

Wooden wonder — Frames in good quality wood lends a touch of sophistication. 

Go green — Give any room a touch of earthiness with this fun-coloured frame.

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