Testing skills and imagination

Testing skills and imagination

With an aim to create technical awareness amongst the students, MVJ College of Engineering will be organising the fifth edition of its annual inter-collegiate technical fest ‘VerTechX 5.0’ on April 29 at MVJ Campus.

This annual national summit of innovation and technology is based on the theme ‘Education and awareness for all’ this year. It is expected to attract over 40 colleges from across the country.

The fest will give the students an opportunity to witness a wide range of technical events ranging from conventional paper presentations and quizzes to fun-filled activities such as robotics, gaming and designing to name a few. 

The paper presentation event has been organised in order to give due recognition to staff and students who have put down their ideas in writing and ready to present it to the world.

The department of aeronautical engineering will be organising an event named ‘Hydro Rocketry’ which will focus on the design and development skills of the students in building water rocket and launch pad.

 ‘Biogyaan’ is an event being organised by the department of biotechnology as a quiz competition.

In ‘Chematron’, participants will have to look for clues and solve riddles placed around the campus and identify the compounds required for the reaction and perform the experiment. 

Each clue will lead to the next clue. 

A team which solves all clues and perform experiments first will be winning the event.

 ‘Compo-Mania’ allows the participants to explore wider range of search capabilities. 

The participants will be tested on their knowledge of the current technical affairs, efficiency to use the internet as well as their coding abilities.

In ‘Deckster’, one can do more than just play a game of poker with a deck of cards.
The team members need to use their imagination and skill by creating the strongest and most innovative card structures. 

The strongest, most attractive and compelling structure wins. 

Apart from these, there will be other events too.