That delectable thing called egg white!

That delectable thing called egg white!

Eggs, though the most basic food item, are definitely a saviour when one is rushing through the first meal of the day!

Be it sunny side up, scrambled, boiled, a fluffy omelette, an egg sandwich or even curried, eggs are versatile and lend themselves to quick, easy recipes.

However, the flip side is that we never think of the calories eggs contain, especially when preparing a scrumptious, stuffed omelette!

An egg has two parts – egg white and the yolk.

Cooked egg whites are a low-fat and cholesterol-free way to add protein and key nutrients to one’s diet.

While many of the nutrients in eggs are concentrated in the yolk, eating just the white is a healthy option if you are following a low-cholesterol diet.

So one can add egg whites to the diet in a variety of creative ways to take advantage of the nutritional benefits it has to offer.

Chef Jiten Singh, Amour Bistro, said, “Any and every cuisine can involve egg whites in the dishes.They can be eaten as light meals, main course and desserts as well. They can be used as an ingredient in terms of making sauces too. Dishes like Copycat Panera sandwich, egg muffins, Mediterranean egg white frittata, instant noodles, egg white-flavoured milks, etc. It totally depends on the type of cuisine. Egg white is fluffy and can be beaten easily and gives a very nice texture to the dish. The best part is that it gives a pure white colour.”

The flavours that go well with egg white are pepper, onion, mushrooms, chopped meat, salsa, dry cheese sauce, hot sauce, etc.

It’s is very healthy as it has a lot of proteins in it and is the best food for breakfast.

Anurag Mathur, executive chef, Jaypee Vasant Continental, adds, “The white part of an egg, also known as the albumen, can be used for toppings in main dishes and as well as in desserts.

It contains virtually no fat and is high in protein. So for the people who pay an extra attention to their health, egg white is a must.

We serve egg white omelette which is preferred by the guests during breakfast. It gives energy to keep one going through the day.

Egg white is also used for making great deserts.

We use it in Baked Alaska also known as omelette surprise, a dessert consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue.”

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