Here, actions are worth thousands of words

Here, actions are worth thousands of words

They say actions speak louder than words. They also say that a good picture is worth a thousand words. So what should they say about good pictures that depict actions? That's what the headline tries to explain.

It also points to a series of blogs on Tumblr, each dedicated to one of our “doyens” of politics and their actions. And the aim of each is to poke or provoke, entertain or enrage, depending on which side of the fence the person browsing through them is. 

Kicking off, we have the person who has become the butt jokes most often in the recent political environment. Rahul Gandhi has at least three Tumblrs dedicated to him, whether he be doing things or holding imaginary objects. While relies on different photos with accompanying humorous captions, takes it one level further, using a single photo to “depict” various aspects of the Gandhi scion. And because the same photo is repeated, the running gag perpetuated makes it a little more darkly funny. 

And then there is, where the creator's imagination entertains as much as the photos. Unfortunately, neither of the three have been updated for several months now, thereby losing their charm somewhat. 

If Rahul Gandhi is being made fun of, can Narendra Modi be far behind? He too has dedicated to his actions. However, the line-up is made funnier than intended by the author's captions, some of which seem to rebound on him/her. Unfortunately, this one too has not been updated since mid-2013. 

Arvind Kejriwal has his own niche on this social networking site too. Unfortunately, seems to have burnt out too fast, with only a spurt of posting in January this year making up its entire repertoire. 

Other equally short-lived blogs include, featuring the visage of “Amma” from Tamil Nadu peering out of posters in various directions, and, which “Didi” has probably not seen till date, for if she did, it would have probably ended up being turned another Maoist or Leftist conspiracy. 
For those still interested, there's, featuring the man who ran our country for a decade, while people allege that the party high command ran him. 

Moving on to slightly smaller—but no less important—fry, we have and Both have been created by the same guy, but the digs at the Nationalist Congress Party chief and the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo seems to have earned him some kind of rebuke, which has resulted in he posting disclaimers of sorts on both blogs. 

By the time we reach Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief M Karunanidhi, the trend seems to have petered out into little more than a meme. Still, deserves to be checked out.

Similar blogs have been dedicated to the likes of Anna Hazare and some other leaders. And one can't help but predict that as and when more of our politicians burst onto public consciousness, more such sites will mushroom as an outlet for what the masses think of them.