Now, brace for 7-8 pc hike in toll on other expressways

Now, brace for 7-8 pc hike in toll on other expressways

Now, brace for 7-8 pc hike in toll on other expressways

If you thought the recent four-fold hike in toll on the expressway leading to Kempegowda International Airport (Bellary Road) was shocking, here is more.

The toll on other expressways in and around Bangalore is expected to increase soon by 7-8 per cent.

But that will not be because of infrastructural or developmental works. It will rather be an annual revision undertaken by the Central government, through the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) as per the Wholesale Price Index (WPI).

What’s more, the toll on Bellary Road will be increased next year as per the WPI when the toll of other expressways will be revised again.

AK Mathur, Chief General Manager, NHAI, said that the recent hike in toll on Bellary Road had been effected on account of infrastructural reasons.

The WPI rules are not implemented on this expressway because it is still under construction. But once completed, from next year onwards, the WPI rules will be applied to this expressway and the toll revised every year, he told Deccan Herald.

Mathur further said the revision as per WPI would be applicable to other tolled roads in and around Bangalore like the Nelamanagala elevated expressway and Hosur elevated and non-elevated expressways.

The revision and percentage of hike will be decided by the Central government and notified through various mediums before being implemented.

oll on other roads will not be hiked because of infrastructural and developmental works. “The increase will be 7-8 per cent. It’s normal policy,” he added.

A senior official in the national highway wing of the public works department confirmed that the toll would be increased but said it was in the hands of the NHAI and not the State government. It is normal for toll to increase on other roads too.

The vehicular movement and number of roads connecting to the same destination also matter while deciding the toll, the official said.

A spokesperson for the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) said the company had so far not decided anything about increasing the toll on the expressway between Bangalore and Mysore. There has been no discussion in this regard.

G Sitharam, chairman of Centre for Infrastructure and Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning, IISc, said that increasing the toll was “like a chicken and egg situation”.

Roads are developed undertaken under the PPP model and toll is first decided by the company and the government as per the concessional agreement.

If toll is introduced, an alternative route should be available, like a service road or busy road with signals.

The toll should always be decided scientifically based on contract tenure, vehicular index and availability of facilities in the vicinity, he added.