Modi keeps up attack on 'neech rajniti' comments

Modi keeps up attack on 'neech rajniti' comments

Modi keeps up attack on 'neech rajniti' comments

Keeping up the attack on Priyanka Gandhi over her 'neech rajniti' comments, Narendra Modi today said those behind rotting of foodgrains in godowns and the CWG scam are the ones who are doing "neech rajniti".

Addressing an election rally, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate was unsparing in his criticism of Congress and said the party is in such a "bad shape" that it is finding it difficult to "save" Amethi, which has gone to polls today and from where Rahul Gandhi is seeking election for a third straight time.

"What is neech rajniti? Grains rot and rats eat them. Supreme Court says distribute it among the poor but Delhi government turns it down even though the poor children are staring... It then sells it to liquor manufacturers. This is neech rajniti and neech karm (low-level action)," he charged.

"They made money from toilet papers in CWG.... Pak beheads our soldiers and our government treats its prime minister to chicken biryani. This is low-level politics. Will you pardon it?," he said.

"Similarly, you looted coal meant for power generation ... did not it amount to low level of politics?" he asked.

Modi said this election is for change and asked people to send maximum BJP candidates to Lok Sabha.

Wooing farmers, he said BJP has worked out a formula for the minimum support price for their grains which will ensure that they are not "exploited" by the nexus of government officials and traders and get 50 percent profit over their investment.