Sonia repeats 'neech rajniti' jibe at Modi

Sonia repeats 'neech rajniti' jibe at Modi

Sonia repeats 'neech rajniti' jibe at Modi

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday attacked BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi accusing him of “indulging in caste politics” and trying to “ruin our composite culture”.

She also repeated the “neech rajniti” (lowly politics) jibe and sought to draw a comparison between former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Modi.

Addressing an election rally at Kushinagar, Sonia also blasted the “Gujarat Model” alleging that it was nothing but fake and dished out facts and figures.

The Congress chief also slammed Modi for attacking her husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“Narendra Modi, who is dreaming to become the prime minister, has tried to demolish the liberal culture of this great country. A man, who crosses all limits for the sake of power, commits a crime,” said Sonia.

She said that his (Modi) “neech rajnitik soch” (lowly political thinking) was not in the interest of the country. “Modi has insulted the martyrdom of Rajiv,” she said, adding that Vajpayee had “maintained the dignity of the post of the prime minister.”

Sonia also blasted the Gujarat Model of development. “The claims of development in Gujarat are lies. Around 40 lakh families have been living below the poverty line, and 40 per cent people in the rural areas have no access to drinking water and a man who earns Rs 11 is not considered poor in the state,” she claimed.