'I was waiting for the right kind of script'

'I was waiting for the right kind of script'

Sandalwood’s newest entrant Vinay Rajkumar considers himself fortunate because he has a lineage with qualities to emulate.

He believes the simplicity of his grandfather, the late legendary actor Dr Rajkumar and the dedication and commitment of his uncles Puneeth and Shivarajkumar are something that no newcomer will get to look up to from such close quarters. 

Vinay has signed his launch vehicle Siddhartha. But what took him so long? “I was waiting for the right kind of script to come along. We were impressed with this one. So I didn’t think twice before signing,” Vinay tells Metrolife.

The story is knit around college life and Vinay plays a college-goer. He says that he didn’t have to put in any extra effort because memories of college are still fresh. “I just passed out of college and that is precisely why I agreed to play this role.

I believe I can do full justice to the character,” explains Vinay. He further states that in addition to romance, which is an indispensable part of college life, the movie also delves into ego clashes between friends and two people in love. “We all have egos but what happens when ego gets out of control? It’s certainly not a regular love story,” he says.   

Mention his grandfather and Vinay recalls spending some fun moments with him. “I remember my grandfather as a very simple person. We would spend time watching movies and just listening to him talk was a memorable experience,” he recalls. 

Ask him which one of his uncles he idolises and he admits that it is indeed a hard question. But he says that Puneeth would certainly top the list. “Puneeth has a definite style of his own and I admire his hard work and commitment to the craft of acting. He has never let his popularity get to his head. 

He is calm yet always ready to take on challenges,” shares Vinay. 

Vinay has grown up watching his family act and be successful in whatever they lay their hands on and he admits that he is always under pressure to uphold the family name and tradition. 

   “I am a little nervous but I am confident that I will be able to strike a good balance,” he says confidently. As a newcomer, Vinay says that he doesn’t want to get choosy and when it comes to scripts, he prefers to have a mix of everything – from action and romance to drama and suspense.

 “I really like watching action films but I would prefer a script that has something for everybody,” he observes. 
Vinay will soon start shooting for Siddhartha but before that, he is attending a series of workshops on acting. “I’ve always been into production and I am also familiar with the technical side now. This helps me when I am acting,” signs off.